Thursday, October 17, 2019

Social Media IS Family Historian's Friend

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Rev. William Huff, Rev. H.C. Maitland, Rev. C.W. Ruth
Red Rock Park
St. Paul, Minnesota
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I have been an early adopter of all things social media. Facebook for keeping up with family and friends. Recipes, local events and genealogy news. Instagram for photographs, past and present. Twitter for rapid fire genealogy conversation and new blogs.

Had been posting tons of genealogy on my personal Facebook page. Soon realized not everyone shared my enthusiasm, and didn't want to read all this information. So, created "Deb's Adventures In Genealogy Facebook Page". There I posted all the wonderful news, blogs and fun discoveries. 

A favorite subject to discuss is my husband's grandfather, Rev. C.W. Ruth. Christian was one of the early founding fathers of the Church of the Nazarene. In his earlier years, he was an evangelist for the Holiness Christian Church.

One day last summer, I received a message. My new best friend, Michelle, found the page with a Google search. She introduced herself and we proceeded to chat about my husband's connection to Christian.

Michelle is a member of the Red Rock Camp Fellowship in Minnesota. One of the many places Christian visited during his years as a circuit preacher. During our conversation, she shared a series of photographs we had never seen. Genealogy happy dance! In fact, I actually screamed.

So friends, share your family stories and photographs. Never know who is searching.  A new cousin or genealogy angel. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wordless Wednesday ~ Cali Cousins & the Family Pup

photograph in personal collection
Carl Victor Judd (1st cousin 3x removed) with his cousin, Claudene (Tot) Levy
and his dog, Ben.
April 1894, Ventura, California

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Bohemian Tree Stump

Photograph in personal collection
While visiting the Bohemian National Cemetery of Baltimore I came across this interesting memorial. It captured my interest not only because of the inscription, but also the unusual shape.

Doing a little research I discovered "Deciphering German and Bohemian (Czech) Gravestone Inscriptions" located in the Washington County, Kansas, KSGenWeb page. Learned the inscription "Zde Odpociva" means "Rest in Peace". Also, the tree stump could mean a "person's life has been cut short".

Doing further research, found Woodmen of the World. This was a fraternal benefit society began around 1890. Gravestones were originally provided to members for free. These headstones were in the shape of a tree stump.

Even though this isn't my ancestor (at least I believe so at the moment), will do further research to determine how the memorial fits. This my friend, is another reason family historians haunt cemeteries. Not only names and dates, but gathering information to complete our family story.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Civil War in Photographs ~ Military Monday

Antietam National Battlefield - in personal collection
Discovered a  wonderful resource located on Google Books. Using this book, I found reference to several of my husband's ancestors. Might be helpful for your family history research.

 The Photographic History of The Civil War
In Ten Volumes
Francis Trevelyn Miller - Editor-in-Chief
Robert S. Lanier - Managing Editor
Thousands of Scenes Photographed
1861-65, with Text by many
Special Authorities
published - New York - The Review of Reviews Co., 1911

Here are several reviews about the collection :

Bauman Rare Books : "The Grandfather of Civil War Histories" : illustrated with over a thousand Brady Photographs. The Photographic History of The Civil War in Ten Volumes

Here are the links to each individual volume :

The Opening Battles, volume one

Two Years of Grim War, volume two

The Decisive Battles, volume three

The Cavalry, volume four

Forts and Artillery, volume five

The navies, volume six

Prisons and Hospitals, volume seven

Soldier Life-Secret Service, volume eight

Poetry and Eloquence of Blue and Gray, volume nine

Armies and Leaders, volume ten

The entire set can also be accessed on: 

Hathi Trust

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Church Record Sunday ~ Anna Jerousek's Baptisim

One of my favorite places to research is the  Maryland State Archives. This is my main repository, considering all our family lines came to Baltimore early to mid 1800's.

The site has birth, marriage and death record indexes. But, a particularly useful set has been church records. Lucky for me, some are online, and can be accessed from the comfort of home.

Several years ago, I discovered our Bohemian ancestors attended St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Baltimore City.  How exciting to find baptism, marriage and death records on the site, free to search.

One stubborn brick wall has been the Jerousek family line. This surname created major problems. I find it with so many variations.

Fortunately, many records on the site are indexed. I just need to browse the index.

Anna Jerousek  ~ baptism record
July 20, 1879
daughter of ~ Francisco Jerousek & Barbara Fuka
Roman Catholic Church Archdiocese of Baltimore
Saint Wenceslaus Church Records

There I found the above baptism record for my great-grandmother, Anna Jerousek, We discover Anna's mother's maiden name  (my great-great-grandmother) was Fuka. Confirms Anna's father was Frank (Francisco) Jerousek.

Best gem discovered? Homeland! Tells us Francisco Jerousek and Barbara Fuka were born "Branice in Bohemia". This was a major break. Genealogy happy dance!

Have Maryland ancestors? Check out these church records. They are organized by denomination and area of the state. Good luck. You just might be joining the dance.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

And ... I'm Back!

Book from my library - reading to celebrate Family History Month

I began this blogging adventure many years ago. Simply because of falling in love with family history. To say I was addicted would be an understatement! Sleep became something I happily exchanged for hours online. Just one more record. One more ancestor. Who needs sleep anyway? 

Blogging was a natural next step. Sharing information and connecting with friends and family. Talking to "my people", when folks in daily life glazed over with my constant chatter. Who wouldn't find genealogy+blogging a prefect match?!

I was coasting along, having fun and learning. Then events occurred needing my time. New grandchildren, caregiver duties, hubby retirement, etc. Blogging became a casualty of life. 

This year life has slowed down (as much as it probably ever will). Genealogy research is back in the picture. Having fun with library genealogy programs. Checking out the local historical society. DNA research is a new addiction. And yes, blogging is back!

One thing I did realize. I was obsessive about blogging in the beginning. Thought I needed to blog everyday. Constantly on the look-out for the "perfect" post. Eventually, it became more of a chore than a thing of enjoyment. 

So, out to the Internet. Looking for inspiration and guidance. Discovered this wonderful post.

"How To Create and Reap The Benefits of Family History Blogs" on The Family History Guide Blog. This post reminds us how important it is to write the stories. Blogging is the prefect way to accomplish the goal. Lots of great advice.

My favorite pearl of wisdom ...

"You can write a little bit at a time. You don’t have to fill hundreds of pages or lay out an entire book. With a blog you can write as little as a paragraph at a time. There are no rules because it is your blog! Over time, even a one-paragraph blog post, once a week, will eventually result in many pages."

Giving myself permission to have fun. Blog when I have something to share. Let the adventure begin anew!