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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Don't Stop Believin' in Message Boards!

I must confess to being a huge fan of the band Journey. In fact all my children have their songs on various music devices because their momma indoctrinated them from infancy. Even my heavy metal son can be caught singing their tunes on occasion.

This morning when I opened my email "Don't Stop Believin' instantly sprang to mind. In fact, while writing this post I'm humming away with each typed word.

Why that song?

The email concerned a query on RootsWeb I completely forgot about posted back in 2009. That is when this genealogy adventure started. I went a wee bit crazy on the boards and left messages about every family line in the hopes of connecting.

One feature of the boards is to receive emails when someone leaves a response. Periodically there would be a nibble resulting in a few additional pieces of the puzzle. Nothing ever as amazing as the information received today from that long ago planted seed!

This message has me singing and dancing this fine morning.

"Henry and Nancy (husband's 3rd great grandparents) had 7 children, all born in caroline co. md. Mary Ann Conley (husband's 2nd great grandmother) (b) 8/28/1932 (d) 9/12/1970. she (m) David Montague (husband's 2nd great grandfather) (b) 1815 (d) 1858 the (m) 10/5/1852. David was also married 2 times before, 1st to Mary Pippin d/0 Dauris Pippin, 2nd to Henretta Williams who died in child birth. Mary Ann and David 3 children Margaret M., Rachel M., (husband's great grandmother) and David Frank. Samuel Conley (b) 12/24/1834 (d) 6/24/1862. He married Ann Levinia Hinsley on 9/3/1853. Samuel was hit by lighting while standing at the screen door, the had three children Marian, Walter A. and William Henry. William Henry had a finger cut off and two others mashed while working of the railroad. Henry and Nancy to Charles Henry to Samuel Pippin, to Samuel E. to my mother. Samuel Pippin Conley Wife Agusta lived to be 98 and her mind was sharp as a tack. David and Mary Ann Montague's (husband's 2nd great grandparents) daughter Rachel (b) 3/1856 married Nathan H. Hindsley (husband great grandparent's) ;(b) 10/4/1858 (d) 4/14/1895. They had on child Mary A. Hindsley (husband's grandmother)."

From this one message I have verified dates, discovered family members and have several interesting stories! Best of all the poster left her email and wants to collaborate.

Also, I hope this new connection can help with the photograph in this post. We know one of the woman is my husband's great grandmother, Rachel Montague Hindsley. The other may be one of her sisters. Maybe this new friend can help identify them?!

Moral of the story? Don't stop believing in message boards. Someday you may connect with a person holding the keys to your family history.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Charming Announcement - Wedding Wednesday

The following is the wedding announcement for Elizabeth Rickards (stepdaughter of 2nd great grand-aunt of husband) and Henry Steele. The article is from the April 11, 1899 edition of the Denton Journal.

What drew my attention was the charming wording to describe this momentous occasion. The fact the couple married on a Wednesday seemed fitting for this post.

One of the prettiest weddings that ever took place in the church at Marydel was solemnized on the afternoon of Wednesday last. It was the union of heart and hand of Mr. Henry Steele and Miss Lizzie Rickards.

This marriage was the culmination of a loveship extending back so far as ten years. And in all that time true love hath run smoothly, until now it has run into a line that shall not to the right or left, through sickness or health, to the end of time.

The many friends of the contracting parties decorated the church with plants and flowers to overflowing, and it was a truly beautiful sight on the bright, April morning to witness what everyone wished the life of the happy pair to be - evergreen.

The march of Mendelssohn was played by Mrs. Thomas R. Green, and the ceremony was never performed better than on this occasion by Parson Conoway.

Many visitors and invited guests from near and far were present. The gifts were numerous and beautiful.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Portrait of a Lady

click on photograph for better viewing

On back of photograph mother-in-law wrote
"Mildred's mother Baxter. Mildred Klein's mother"
"She & my mother were cousins".