Wakefield family

Listing of family names being researched. If you are looking along the same lines, maybe we are related!

Allebach (Germany, Pennsylvania)

Baynard (England, Delaware, Maryland)

Blocher (Pennsylvania)

Cassel (Germany, Pennsylvania)

Conley (Maryland, Delaware)

Czarnecki (Russia, Maryland)

Detweiler (Switzerland, Pennsylvania)

Fuchs (Austria, Maryland)

Fuka (Bohemia, Maryland)

Gaphardt (Germany, Maryland)

Green (England, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Indiana)

Hindsley (Delaware, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio)

Jerousek (Bohemia, Maryland)

Judd (Germany, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas)

Kinnamon (Scotland, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois, Nebraska)

Liska (Czecho-Slovakia, Maryland)

McSherry (Ireland, Pennsylvania, Maryland)

Pippin (Maryland)

Platt (England, Connecticut, New York)

Powell (Delaware, Maryland)

Ruth (Germany, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Indiana)

Sackett (England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York)

Slifka (Czecho-Slovakia, Maryland)

Stein (Germany, Maryland)

(Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas)

Starr (England, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania)

Steffy (Germany, Pennsylvania)

Wakefield (England, Maryland)

Wismer (Germany, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Canada