Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Go ahead ask. Do I love Google Drive?

Yes, I do ... very much!

Last years goal was to organize my research. It was just a wee bit disorganized.

Items on my do-I-have list. Obituaries? Headstone? What vital records? Many of these records were here and there. Here in a box. There in a file. Goodness, maybe more than a "wee bit" messy!

What to do? Before it becomes a total disaster?

click on image to enlarge for better viewing

During several webinars, I learned about Google Drive. Recently, I started experimenting, and fell instantly in love!

I have been playing with the program for about a year. This is one of my first spreadsheets. Here I track archive documents, obituaries and cemetery information for ancestors.

Another great benefit, the documents are stored in the Cloud. I can access the data anywhere. While researching at the archives I can go online and the spreadsheet.

Also, if other family historians wish, they can share the documents. I can set them to just view, or give editing rights.

As you see, some items are bold. This helps identify information still in need of research.

Other spreadsheets I have created:

Arlington National Cemetery  - one central place with all the ancestors buried in this cemetery. I entered exact burial plot information. This is helpful when planning a trip.

Ancestor place of birth - this is a nice way to identify countries of origin.

Links with helpful information:

Google Drive for Genealogy - GenealogyInTime Magazine

Get Started with Google Drive

How to get started with Google Drive

Yes indeed, having some serious fun! Getting organized in the process.


  1. I like Google Drive too! It has made organizing files on my computer much easier to find and access.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. Yes, Google Drive has made life a wee bit easier!

  2. I love Google Drive. If you ever get to Arlington National Cemetery there is an app you can download to your smart phone. Simply enter the section and grave location of the plot and start walking. The app places an icon at the location of the headstone and you are a blue dot. As you walk you ca tell if you are getting "hotter" or "colder." Believe me, it's important. The sections are BIG and the row/section is willy nilly, especially for the older grave sites.

    1. Schalene, thank you for leaving a comment. Also, the great information about Arlington! Hubby and I try to get there at least once a year. You are right, the sections are BIG!

  3. Have you experimented with the Spreadsheets "Filtering" feature (accessible via the "Data" menu)? This allows you to display only rows that match certain criteria; i.e., all people who were buried in a certain cemetery. You can even filter across multiple columns at once; i.e., displaying all people who were born in a certain year in a particular city.

    You could even use the filtering criteria to eliminate the separate sheets for each surname, instead simply filtering the "Last Name" column to display only the surname you're interested in viewing. That's a personal decision, of course; I'm sure you have thousands of records in your spreadsheet, so it may make more sense to maintain different, more manageable sheets for each surname... especially if that better suits your organizational and research processes.