Friday, January 24, 2014

Genealogy Blogs, News & Tidbits #17

I'm back! Holidays are over. Back to sharing the genealogy blogs, news and tidbits.


Lowell Historical Society shares the story of a Civil War flag discovered in the Lowell Memorial Auditorium.

Learn about the "fascinating things" we learn from reading very old polls on Slate.

Elizabeth LaPointe of Genealogy Canada posts about four new French-Canadian podcasts.

Great new series has begun thanks to Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small. Must read! 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Bloggers sharing family stories.

Have you heard the news?! Julie Goucher, of Anglers Rest, has begun Worldwide Genealogy ~ A Genealogical Collaboration. Bloggers from around the globe, coming together to share family and local history. Yours truly will be making made her debut on the blog this week.

Nancy of My Ancestors and Me shares the tale of a family history email list saving the day!

Leland & Patty Meitzler of GenealogyBlog search for prisoners held at Andersonville and Fort McHenry.

Cindy Freed of Genealogy Circle writes Digital or Bust. Is that the question?

Kathleen Brandt of a3Genealogy shares Burying, Disinterment, Reinterment of African Americans Remains.

Learn 7 Tips For Mapping Out your Ancestors on Pinterest from Cody Nelson of Meet you in Ohio.

Cheri Hudson Passey of Carolina Girl Genealogy tells us about Treasure Chest Thursday: Pop's WWII New Testament.

Interesting Civil War history from Mysteries and Conundrums with "If these signatures could talk": Banks' Ford Arborglyphs (tree carvings).

Lynn Palermo of The Armchair Genealogist has great advice with How to Make Writing a Habit.

Mary Perkinson Nelson of Celebrating Family Stories shares Flip-Pal tips.

Sue McPeak of CollectIn Texas Gal has begun a 1940's scrapbook restoration project.

Diane Gould Hall of Michigan Family Trails writes about books. Why we still need them? Which ones are in your library?

Jen Baldwin of Ancestral Breezes has decided to be S.M.A.R.T.ER in 2014.

Over on Finding Eliza we read about Frank and Juda Cleage - From Slavery to Freedom.

Read about Black Heroines of the Civil War by Maggie MacLean on Civil War Women.

FamilySearch tells us about BillionGraves.

Two Nerdy History Girls post Casual Friday: Victorian London Street Life.

Blogs discovered this week:

Ancestor Sleuth Hound

Baltimore 1814: Every Day is Monumental

Dance Skeletons

Family Preserves


Granite Genealogy

Retro Baltimore from The Baltimore Sun

News (genealogy and history world)

Take a look at the "marvelous mosaics revealed inside 1,500 year-old church in Israel".

Excellent article by Robin Foster - Ten tips for more success with newspaper research.

Having a fun catching up on podcasts on Extreme Genes Family History Radio.

Sign of the times? New York State Library making difficult decision "what to save, what to shred".

(United Kingdom) First World War conscription appeals go online.

FamilySearch has launched a new indexing website.


Do you know about grave bells?

No news to the family researcher! Genealogy scientifically proven to be good for us!

Interesting article - Digitize your old photo albums and home movies

Wonderful & heartwarming story - Woman Spent 18 Years Looking for Man Who Helped Her Escape Vietnam.

Latest BlogTalkRadio from Bernice Bennett "The African American Heritage Book with Janis Minor 

Irish Research 101: Learning the Research Process - webinar - from Judy Wright is free online until 1/27/14/

Hail from Washington State? Check out HistoryLink.

Did you know? ... Google's Search Filters Now Update Dynamically Based On Your Queries.

Hope you discover something new and interesting this week.

Happy adventures in genealogy!


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