Sunday, December 8, 2013

railway + conductor + california + carl judd

Carl Victor Judd
1st cousin 3x removed
I have written several posts about cousin Carl Judd, conductor for the Southern California Railway. With the help of census and vital records we were able to verify Carl's employment history.
This morning I decided to learn more about the electric railway system. Using Google I entered the following string:
"railway" + conductor + california + "carl judd"
No surprise the first items were posts from this blog.

Next were links to a company newsletter entitled, "Two Bells - A Herald of Good Cheer and Cooperation Published by and for Employees of the Los Angeles Railway."
First entry for September 11, 1922 edition lead to the following article:
"Condr. Carl Judd of Division Three has been of a couple of days having his eyes treated. This chicken viewing in hot weather is dangerous."
"chicken viewing" -- still scratching head.
Hoping there would be additional information about my ancestor, I tried different Google searches. Using every possible variation of the name from "C.Judd" to "Carl V. Judd".

In the January 30, 1928 edition of "Two Bells" we find two genealogy gems.
First gem - under the heading "Trainmen Who Received Bouqets During 1927" was this photograph.

 There, next to last, Cousin Carl!

Second gem - leads to solving a mystery.

Over the years I had tried to find the death date for Mary E. Mullin Judd, wife of Carl.
From the California State Board of Health Certificate of Marriage, we find Carl V. Judd and Mary E. Mullin married, December 5, 1914.

On the "1920 United States Federal Census", the couples resides in Los Angels, California. The "1930 United States Federal Census" lists Carl Judd, Los Angeles, California, widower.
Could this be in reference to Mary Judd? We know Carl V. Judd is her husband. Also, from the "1880 United States Federal Census" we find a sister with the initial "J".
Thinking this could be Mary, I entered "January 1928" into her Ancestry record. Up popped the hint "California, Death Index, 1905-1939" for Mary E. Judd, dated January 17, 1928.
Mary's death date ... found!
By the way, does Carl look sad in his photograph? Sure I am being a little fanciful, but he looks to be grieving.
While attending various genealogy workshops, the presenter discussed industry newsletters. They explained how they are filled with family history clues.
Most certainly was the case with Carl V. Judd. Sure wish I had researched these sooner.
Off to read "Two Bells". 


  1. Awesome! Congrats on your amazing find!

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  2. Wonderful find. So satisfying when that happens!