Wednesday, December 11, 2013

eBay Search = Genealogy Treasure

Researching my husband's grandfather, Christian Wismer Ruth, I discovered his book "The Pentecostal Experience" on eBay.

This gem needed to come home to the family!

Bidding became a wee bit nerve racking. Someone was competing against us to gain ownership.

After placing the last offer, we crossed our fingers and waited. There were shouts of joy receiving the message we won!

I was pleased to discover the book was a first edition, and in very good condition.

Opening the book, we discovered how important this edition is to our family. Inside there is a photograph of the Rev. C. W. Ruth. Even more exciting ... an inscription! Genealogy happy dance!

Searched eBay lately? Never know what treasures are waiting to be discovered.


  1. Great find Deb! I have alerts on some of my names but nothing yet.

  2. What a find! Dancing with you from downunder.