Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday ~ Thanksgiving Treasure

Originally posted 11/19/11.

While unpacking the Thanksgiving tablecloth I discovered a "family treasure" at the bottom of the box. Carefully wrapped, two ceramic turkey candle holders.

Years ago our son was in the United States Marine Corps. Before the holiday season he was assigned to Okinawa, Japan. This would be the first time he was not home for Thanksgiving.

To keep depression at bay, my husband suggested a pre-Thanksgiving shopping trip. As we negotiated a crowded store Doug suddenly disappeared.

Several minutes later he returned with a huge smile on his face and cereamic tukeys in hand.

Believing he wanted them for our home I reminded him we had more than enough decorations. He thought they would be fun to send to Justin. The next care package was filled with snacks, magazines and two turkeys.

First thing Justin said when he called Thanksgiving morning ... "thanks Mom & Dad for the turkeys!" Seems he and his fellow Marines thought they were a hoot and placed them on their holiday table.

When Justin finally returned home we were in for a little surprise. While unpacking he handed me a small box.

Looking down I found the ceramic turkeys carefully wrapped to survive a journey across the world. I honestly had forgotten about them and never expected to see them again.

Asking Justin why he saved them he replied "they are a Ruth family heirloom and must be saved".

And that is the story of our ceramic turkey heirloom candle holders.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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  1. What a precious remembrance, Deb! Hope you had a sweet Thanksgiving with family this year.