Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm a RebelMouse!

Personal RebelMouse front page

Last year I discovered RebelMouse. I know! Another time-stealing-social-media-toy!

Not so fast! The site has helped with blogging and family history research.

After I figured out what I wanted to accomplish with the site, it was a wee bit addictive. In fact more time has been spent with RebelMouse than Twitter, Facebook and Google+ combined.

On the RebelMouse Blog you will find this statement.

"RebelMouse organizes your social presence into a beautiful, dynamic and social site -- in minutes. It's based on the idea that people are proud of what they share on social networks, but are starting to feel embarrassed about their websites. RebelMouse is your social front page and automatically updates as you post on social networks as well as when you blog directly on your site."

Now, let me explain in my very "non-professional" way how I use the site.

I have created my own personal genealogy/family history newspaper. Pulling in tweets/posts/articles from around the Internet.

There are two ways I capture information for my RebelMouse page

The first method is very simple. I just copy the link and pop it into the little box with the camera. I have stored the link and can edit information to help with research.

The second method is setting up "social feeds" from Twitter. Added my account and selected hashtags for RebelMouse to bring into my page. You also have the option to connect with Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flickr and Linkedin.

RebelMouse Draft page

I have set-up tweets to populate the"Draft" page. Some of the hashtags used are "familyhistory", #genealogy, #history and #civilwar. There you have the ability to review, retweet and/or post to your RebelMouse Home page.

Soom my Home page became a bit clunky. Too much information to navigate in one place.

Edit Rebel Pages

Not to worry! Rebel Page to the rescue. There I created pages for each type of content. So much easier to organize and keep like items together.

Now for a little secret. If you follow this blog you know that I post a weekly "Genealogy Blogs, News & Tidbits". Want to know how I bring together such amazing information? Using RebelMouse!

It is surprisingly easy.

During the week I select stories for the Home page. Anything that crosses my reading radar is gathered there. On Friday I simply scroll down to the bottom and work my way up, selecting ones for the post. Once done I file each under the appropriate Rebel Page.

Thanks, RebelMouse!

That is a brief over-view on becoming a RebelMouse. Most certainly hooked!

Folks must be enjoying my "family history newspaper" since yesterday there were 783 engagements!

Come have fun! Be a Rebel!


  1. I will have to have a look! Thanks for the tip.

    1. Pauleen,

      Glad you liked the post! Keep us posted if you try the site and what you think.

  2. I wonder if I can do my one-name research on it ? Thanks for the introduction to it .

    1. Most welcome! Mmm, never thought about using the site in that fashion. Could be interesting. Would love to hear if you give it a whirl.

  3. Deb,

    I'm also a RebelMouser (is that a word?) =)

    Anyway, I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a wonderful weekend!