Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sermon A Day For 41 Years

Rev. Christian Wismer Ruth
husband's grandfather
b.September 1, 1865 in Pennsylvania
d. May 27, 1941 in Kentucky

Sermon A Day for 41 Years 1

Revival services are in progress in the Holiness Christian Church on Washington street near Second, and there are daily sermons by Rev. C. W. Ruth, of Indianapolis. There were four at the altar asking for prayers.
Rev. Ruth has preached on an average of one sermon a day for 41 years, and never at any one time was without a place to preach, and has seen over 80,000 bow at an altar. His preaching over the Lord's Day was on repentance and heart purity. The church was crowded.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Pfautz and Miss Heller, of Lebanon, were the special singers, and their messages in song were a great blessing.

Service every evening this week at 2.
Rev. F.C. Walls is pastor of the church. 

1 "Sermon A Day For 41 Years"; The Reading Eagle [Reading, Pennsylvania], Tuesday, March 9, 1926, p. 13, Google Newspapers ( : accessed 17 Nov 2013)

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