Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hunt for Philadelphia's Mount Moriah

George Bordman Hindsley
1st great-grand uncle of husband
born - 05/27/1861 - Delaware
died - 12/31/1915 - Pennsylvania
buried - Mount Moriah Cemtery
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Trying to solve the puzzle of my husband's Hindsley line has been an adventure. We have traced several branches to Delaware and Pennsylvania. With very limited success, I might add. Complicating matters are various spellings of the surname. Hinsley to Hensly, the hunt has been a challenge.
On a whim, I contacted several "Hindsleys" on Ancestry. That is where I found Cousin Leo Hindsley. He shared information and photographs that helped fill in gaps. One photograph is the above of George Bordman Hindsley, is he not dapper?!
Leo informed us that several family members were buried in Philadelphia's Mount Moriah Cemetery. He went on to say the cemetery had been abandoned, so information would be difficult to find. At the time I did a cursory search, which did not bring me any closer to an answer.

As you may have gathered I do a bit of family history reading. In fact, I have set up Google Alerts to stay connected.

Last month an interesting blog post showed up in my feed. It detailed a photographic exhibition in Philadelphia. The focus being three historic cemeteries. Listed there ... Mount Moriah Cemetery!

I soon realized "The Cemetery Traveler - by Ed Snyder" could be a gold mine.

Scrolling down to the labels, one in particular caught my attention. "Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery". That is where we discover the very sad history surrounding the present state of the cemetery.

Briefly, the last know member of the Mount Moriah Cemetery Association passed away in 2004. This resulted in care and upkeep slipping through the cracks. This resulted in "no responsible party present to assist with maintenance, burials, disinterments or the placement of headstones."

These facts led to the creation of Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery. Dedicated people coming together, to preserve history and maintain records. They have formed fund-raisers and gathered volunteers to reclaim the many overgrown resting places. Some being my husband's Hindlsey ancestors.

We will have to keep our eye out for the next event! A truly worthwhile way to spend a Saturday in Philadelphia. May even find a Hindsley or two.

Without searching for the Hindsley name on Ancestry, I would have never found Leo. Google Alerts led to Ed Snyder's blog, an excellent resource. Moral of the story ... connect with people everywhere ... read all you can.

Further information about Mount Moriah Cemetery:

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