Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Arlington Ancestor

Calvin Bower Lucas
circa 1901-1905
husband of great-grand aunt, Marie Horn
b. 2/22/1880 in Pennsylvania
d. 10/2/1954 in Washington, D.C.
United States Marine Corp
enlisted 12/17/1901
discharged 12/16/1905
With Veteran's Day just around the corner I started thinking about my military ancestry. My father, uncles, cousins and one son have all served their country over the years. Represented are World War I, World War II, Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Living in Maryland we have close proximity Arlington National Cemetery. Our family has traveled there over the years to pay our respects. In fact, quite a few of my husband's ancestors are buried in this cemetery.

For some reason it never occurred to me that one of our family members could be interred at Arlington. During a conversation with a genealogy friend, she pointed me towards the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Nationwide Grave Locator.

Headstone Calvin Bower Lucas
Arlington National Cemetery
That is where I located the grave for Calvin Bower Lucas, husband of my great-grand aunt Marie Horn. Calvin served during WWI with the United States Marine Corps.
The fact that Calvin served in the U.S. Marine Corps forged a closer connection. Our son, Justin was in the Corps for almost eight years. The experiences of his attending graduation, visiting different duty stations and sending packages to far of regions gives a little glimpse into Calvin's world.
Thank you for your service, my Arlington ancestor.

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