Saturday, October 19, 2013

Surname Saturday ~ Help! Frances who?

 Frances Anna Gaphardt, 2nd great-grandmother
Married to 2nd great-grandfather, George Christopher Gaphardt
born in Baltimore, May 1833
died in Baltimore, May 4, 1902
For several years I have been trying to unravel the mystery of my 2nd great-grandmother, Frances. As you can see there is no maiden name listed on her death certificate.
Imagine the excitement upon locating her children in the Baltimore City death index! All I could think of was visiting the Maryland State Archives in hopes of finally discovering her identity.
Well, I did find those much desired death certificates. They had more questions than answers. Clicking on the following images to enlarge will help with better viewing.

Samuel Gaphardt, great-grand uncle
born in Baltimore, April 10, 1873
died in Baltimore, January 28, 1932
Father listed as Geo. C. Gaphardt
Mother listed as Frances A. ???

 Sarah E. Gaphardt Younger, great-grand aunt
born in Baltimore, January 24, 1857
died in Baltimore, May 6, 1938
Father listed as George Gaphardt
Mother listed as Frances ???

Harry Gephardt (Gaphardt), great-grand uncle
born in Baltimore, December 11, 1865
died in Baltimore, May 8, 1948
Father listed as Christopher Gephardt
Mother listed as Frances ???
Each certificate has different information for mother's maiden name. Some too hard to transcribe. So very frustrating!

If anyone can break the code ... please leave a message! All help will be much appreciated. Let's find Frances.


  1. Have you had any luck searching for a Baltimore marriage record? Since she was married with a 2 month old in the 1850 census, I suppose it would have been 1849 or earlier.

    Also, do you know who the 10 year old Ellen A. Schaeffer is, that is living in the household in 1850? Perhaps she is a relative of Frances', I see she was also born in MD.

    Good Luck!!

  2. Nicholas,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Outstanding advice! In fact will be headed to the state archives in the near future. On the hunt for marriage records! Also, silly me! Should have picked up on Ellen! Schaeffer connection? Great idea.

    Again thanks!