Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday's Obituary ~ "Loved by all"

Sarah Matilda McSherry Starr
2nd great-grandmother of husband
born November 3, 1819 in Pennsylvania
died February 10, 1892 in Pennsylvania

"Died on Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 1892 of pneumonia, Mrs. Matilda Starr, beloved wife of A.P. Starr, and mother of Mary Alverta Barker, Sarah Virginia Starr, and Wm. F. Starr. She had been sick but a few days, and relatives and friends were indulging the fond hope that she would soon be well. God willed otherwise. Hope of returning health faded from the hearts of dear ones as they sorrowfully watched the progress of the fever weakening the delicate frame. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, noiselessly, hovering over the prostrate body, lately anointed by the sacred rites of God's Holy Church, came the angel of death, whispering to the soul, fortified by the reception of Holy Communion, 'Come, Christian soul, to the reward promised to those who love and serve God.' Surrounded by the members of the family, she expired without a struggle.

'Her guardian angel came, he struck God's lightning from her eyes, and bore him back the flame.' Mrs. Starr was loved by all, like all Christian mothers, at home is where she was loved the best, and where her character shone the brightest. She was the household adored, and loved one; here is where she will be most missed, and here is where her memory will last longest, to be an inspiration to virtue for her husband and children; especially that of self-sacrifice. In the name of her friends we tender our heartfelt condolence to her bereaved husband, her much grieved children, her sorrowing relatives, and join the prayer that the soul of their beloved parent and sister may meet forever in the peace of the Beloved. Her age was almost seventy years. The funeral took place from St. Aloysius Church, Friday morning at 9 o'clock. Interment at St. Aloysius cemetery, near town" - Communication in the Adams County Independent, Feb. 13th, 1892.

Above excerpt from History of Saint Aloysius Church of Littletown, Penn'a. by William McSherry, published by J.E. Wible, Printer, Carlisle Street (Second Square), 1893 - pages 96-96.

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