Friday, October 18, 2013

Genealogy Blogs, News & Tidbits #12

Genealogy blogs, news and tidbits for this week.


James Tanner of Genealogy's Star shares a post about visiting Family History Library vs. Online Searching.

Mary Ellen Gorry of Threading needles in a haystack, the genealogy journey tells us about the Italian Genealogy group website - facelift and updates.

Excellent idea for Amanuensis Monday blog post! D.E.B. over on Roots from the Bayou has been sharing oral history.

Jennifer Geraghty-Gorman of 'On a flesh and bone foundation': An Irish History writes about a ship of dreams, on a journey toward the future.

Michael Murdock posts on Tech Roots Blog about document analysis and recognition.

Jana Last of Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog gives a wonderful overview of

Gena Philibert-Ortega writes on Genealogy Bank Blog about lost husband ads in newspapers for genealogy.

Kenneth R. Marks of The Ancestor Hunt shares 9 Reasons Why You Should Be Researching Voter Records - A Hidden Gem.

Michael John Neill of writes Junior Is Not Always the Son and Probably Why There is No Probate.

Adorable photograph alert! Becky Higgins of My Genealogy Pondering brings Wordless Wednesday - Larson Kids.

Check out Follow Friday: Informative and inspiring posts over on Family history across the seas.

Lisa Alzo asks Who Inspires You? on The ReelGenie Blog.

Nancy of My Ancestors and Me tells us about the three wives of Ellis H. Bickerstaff.

New podcast on Fieldstone Common - Hanging Ruth Blay: An Eighteenth-Century New Hampshire Tragedy.

CeCe Moore of Your Genetic Genealogist writes about AncestryDNA's new ethnicity predictions.

Melody Lassalle of The Research Journal shares the lovely story of her maternal grandparents.

Barbara Poole of Life From The Roots is taking us on a tour of Massachusetts libraries. Make sure to check out all the posts!

Smadar Belkind Gerson of Past-Present-Future asks How Does a Bar Mitzvah Connect to Genealogy?

LindaRae of Between the Gate Posts shares Part of the Great Migration, circa 1925.

Caroline Pointer of 4 Your Family Story writes about 9 family tree apps for your iPad.

Janice Tracy of Mississippi Memories takes us on a little research trip.

Julie Goucher of Anglers Rest posts Remembrance Day Photo Collage Festival.

Nancy Loe over on Sassy Jane Genealogy tells us how to date photos using Library of Congress Resources.

Blogs discovered this week:



Android Genealogy

Butternut Valley Family History

Ellie's Ancestors

Filiopietism Prism

Genealogy Junkie ~ All Roads Lead to Arkansas

Moran Place

Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog

News (genealogy and history world)

MyHeritage named most promising start-up.

Read about the remains of a Korean War hero coming home for burial.

Would you step aboard an almost replica of the Titanic?

Interesting read - The immigrant that thrived in South Dakota.

Ancestors in Marietta, Ohio? Check out Uncovering the stories: local tombstones cleaned to reveal history.

Two Nerdy History Girls share this week's historical breakfast links.

A Texas feud from 1800's to present day.

Susan Martin of The Beehive: Official blog of the Massachusetts Historical Society writes about Hellen Keller.


Thomas MacEntee writes The Generation Gap - Reality or Fiction? over on Upfront With NGS.

Family History Daily tells us about 7 genealogy books that inform and inspire.

Fun read - What Your Book Pile Says About You over on BookRiot.

Tons of great information in the October 2013 edition of Going In-Depth digital magazine.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze of The Olive Tree Genealogy tells us about Operate Reunite - Returning Medals to Soldiers.

Extreme Genes Family History Radio shares a podcast with Jim Tipton, Find-A-Grave founder.

Hope you discover something new and interesting this week.

Happy adventures in genealogy!


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  2. Deb, this was a real surprise, especially since I'm not writing anything. I love those libraries, as I know you do too. Over the years, I've taken many photos and the link to all my posts with the Tab "Library" is below, should anybody want to see more. Thank you so much.

    1. You are most welcome, Barbara! You know my heart is always with the libraries. Loved each of your posts and thanks for the additional link.

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