Sunday, October 6, 2013

Church Record Sunday ~ Heavenly Hymnal

Christian Wismer Ruth, husband's grandfather
 standing in middle
circa 1884-1885

I have previously written about reaching out to the archivist for Bible Fellowship Church On Line History Center. The response from that email lead to another important piece of history for Christian Wismer Ruth.

Attached was this photograph of the Heavenly Recruits, which the archivist gave full permission for use to our family.

This morning I was researching the Heavenly Recruit movement. That is when I discovered the Heavenly Recruit Praise Hymns book on website.


The title page states the book was used by The Heavenly Recruit Association. Published for them by John J. Hood, copyright 1884. This copy was gifted to the Princeton Theological Seminary by Rev. Louis Fitzgerald Benson, D.D.
How precious to stumble on a hymnal Rev. C. W. Ruth may have sung from 129 years ago.

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