Saturday, September 7, 2013

Surname Saturday ~ Ruck family business is ...

Eva C. Ruck Klein
b. February 2, 1891, Maryland
d. December 1977, Maryland
great-grandmother of son-in-law
My daughter, Starr married a lovely young man named Lucas. We were very happy to welcome him into our family.

Being the devoted family historian I had to research his line. Fortunately, Lucas is very interested in the hunt for ancestors.
I knew my work would be difficult with his Ruck family line. Growing up in Baltimore the name is very familiar. Many families had dealings with the Ruck Funeral Homes at some point.

Eva C. Ruck, great-grandmother of son-in-law, was sister to Leonard J. Ruck. Leonard founded the Ruck Funeral Homes in 1924. In fact, the first was located in his father-in-law's home.

This surname has been difficult with newspaper research. Enter in "Ruck" and up comes 21,889 search results! I tried to find a way to alter the commands in the advanced search box. Thus far not able to discover any way to restrict the words "funeral home".

If anyone can pass along tips for better search results ... please leave them here! 

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