Saturday, September 14, 2013

SNGF ~ Do Some Semi-Random Research

Having Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

Randy Seaver, of, has provided the following mission for this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun:
1) We're going to do a little bit of Semi-Random Research tonight ... what is your first name? [This is the easy part!]
2) Go to your family tree database of choice (you know, like RootsMagic, Reunion, Ancestry Member Tree), and determine who the first person in your alphabetical name index is with a surname starting with the first two letters of your first name (e.g., my first name is RAndall, so I'm looking for the first person with a surname starting with RA). [If there are no surnames with those two letters, take the surname after that letter combination.]
3) What do you know about this person based on your research? It's OK to do more if you need to - in fact, it's encouraged!
4) How are you related to this person, and why is s/he in your family tree?
5) Tell us about it in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or in a Facebook Status post or Google+ Stream post.
Here is mine:
1) My first name is DEborah.
2) The first person in my database with a surname starting with DE is Adelia Jane Dean.
3) Adelia was born June 2, 1890 in Clinton, Kansas. Her parents were Wallace and Anna Patton Dean. She married Edwin Clark Riggs somwhere between 1920 and 1925. This I deduced from census record information.
I checked the 1900 United States Federal Census record in the Ancestry database. The Dean family is residing in Clinton, Douglas County, Kansas. Wallace Dean lists himself as a farmer. Adelia was the second of five children, having three sisters and one brother. Her date of birth is June 1890. Both parents claim Ohio as their state of birth. On this census Adelia is nine years of age and attending school.
By the 1910 United States Federal Census Adelia's mother is listed as a widow. The family still resides in Clinton, Douglas County, Kansas. Anna's father, (Adelia's grandfather) Richard L. Patton lives with the family. Adelia's occupation is listed as school teacher.
On the 1920 United States Federal Census record Adelia resides in Palmyra, Douglas, Kansas. She is a boarder in the home of Fred M. and Elsie I. Woods. Mr. Woods is listed as a farmer. Adelia's occupation is that of a grade school teacher.
In 1925 Adelia is using her middle name of Jane. She is now married to E.C. Riggs. The details from the Kansas State Census Collection has them residing in Mission, Kansas. Adelia is not employed, but E.C. is a clerk for a rubber company.
On the 1930 United States Federal Census record Edwin and Delia Riggs are residing at 731 Newton Road, Mission, Johnson County, Kansas. Edwin is now the manager of a rubber company. Adelia is once again teaching in the public school system.
The 1940 United States Federal Census record states the same information for 1935 and 1940. Here we learn Adelia had two years of college schooling. The only difference to their address is they are now at 5610 Newton Road.
It was very interesting that both Edwin and Adelia survived until their nineties. Adelia passed away August of 1984 at the age of 93. Edwin died March 1985 at 90. This information was gathered from the U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current.
I did some additional research to locate a grave site or newspaper article. Doing a Google search with Edwin's name I discovered the website JoCoHistory. A "collaborative presentation of the history of Johnson County, Kansas from the Johnson County Museum and partners". There I found Edwin's obituary index listing. The site has the option to request an email copy. Not sure if they only process in-county research, but fingers crossed!
4) I am not related to Adelia or Edwin. Edwin was my husband's 5th cousin 1x removed. They share the common ancestor Samuel Starr, my husband's 5th great grandfather.
This has been a blast! Loved getting aquainted with Adelia.
5) Here is my post. Thanks Randy! Fun Saturday night and learning experience.


  1. What a fun project! I'm late to the party, but will try this later on in the week!

  2. Piper,

    This was a hoot! Intersting how much of Adelia's life came to light with the use of vital records. Can't wait to see what you have to say! Thanks for leaving a comment.