Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Pinned in the Ruins"

August Louis Eck
husband of great-grand-aunt, Catherine Fredricka Judd
b. February 03, 1863 - Baltimore, Maryland
d. March 08, 1940 - Essex, New Jersey
While researching our Judd ancestry I discovered the article, "Official History of the Fire Department of the City of Baltimore" by Clarence H. Forrest (1898).

That is where details of August Louis Eck's involvement in a tragic fire come to light. The day seven fireman lost their lives in the battle to save homes, businesses, and the lives of Baltimore citizens.

Second reference from book:

The New York Times newspaper archives has a dramatic article describing the fire: Seven Firemen Killed: a fatally destructive fire in Baltimore.

There have been accounts that August was injured during a fire. Not visible in the above photograph is the fact his eye had been damaged. Was this when those injured where sustained?

Without this new adventure called "genealogy" this story of August Eck may never have become part of our heritage.

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