Monday, September 9, 2013

Military Monday ~ Lt. Grosvenor Starr, 7th Conn., Vol.

Lt. Grosvenor Starr, husband's 2nd cousin 4x removed
August 27, 1842 - March 5, 1862
buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York
Stamford Soldiers' Memorial 1869

Full text of "Stamford soldiers' memorials" - Internet Archives

Fairfield County CT Archives Obituaries - Starr, Grosvenor March 5, 1862

"GROSVENOR STARR, adjutant, 7th Conn. , son of Mrs. Henry B. Starr. Died at Tybee Island, March 5, 1862, after a sickness of five weeks. "Mr. Starr was at the breaking out of the war, a student at Yale. The idol of his classmates, who fondly watched his progress with warm anticipations of his future success, he was distinguished both for his scholarly attainments and his social qualities.

There is no need of many added words to tell what he was. The one title, a Christian soldier, covers all. At the age of fifteen, he girded himself with that heavenly armor, with which the soul encounters its unseen foes-the vows that he then renewed in confirmation. The emblems that were laid upon his coffin as it was borne by his sorrowing classmates to be laid before the altar, when spoken the confirming words of the last service, were his completed epitaph. Above his breast rested the wreath of spotless flowers. Upon the hero's sword, -the gift of his loving classmates,-was placed the cross.

The funeral of Mr. Starr was attended from St. Bartholomew's church New York City, and his remains lie in the family lot in Greenwood."


  1. Hi, Deb. I assume the picture above is of his Brooklyn grave? I live 2 towns over from Stamford & after an internet search of the monument, came up with an article about it: I've passed this monument many times but have never stopped at it (high traffic area & next to no parking). Maybe I will sometime.

  2. Christine,

    Yes that is his grave in Brooklyn cemetery. Very intersting that you have passed this memorial! Let me know if you ever get to visit. Thanks for stopping by to read the post.