Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If I was in the show ...

Watching the Genealogy Roadshow started the wheels turning. If I ever go the chance to be on the show what is the most pressing family mystery? Right away the existence of this letter (orignally blogged about September 14, 2011) was tops on the list.

The above letter was addressed to my husband's grandfather, Christian Wismer Ruth. We were very surprised to see communication between him and President Herbert Hoover!

Ever since discovering the letter I have searched for clues to the family Mr. Hoover is referring.

Recently I did a Google search with Dr. Ruth and Mr Hoover together discovering "Seth Cook Rees : the warrior saint" by Paul S. Rees.

Paul S. Rees was a pastor with the Church of the Nazarene.

Several additional clues discovered:

* C. W. Ruth was Assistant General Superintendent Church of the Nazarene. From family records we know that Nettie Springer (Christian's sister-in-law) was a prominent Quaker evangelist.

* Mathilda Atkinson Minthorn was a pastor with the Friends Church in Augusta, Maine.

* Mathilda's husband Dr. Henry John Minthorn was uncle to and charged with the raising of Herbert Hoover.

From the National Parks website states we learn that Herbert Hoover's family was part of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Are the Minthorns the family President Hoover references?

I hope these clues will lead to concrete answers. Any suggestions on where to turn would be greatly appreciated.

If YOU were lucky enough to be selected, what would you ask?


  1. Wow! I would be so intrigued also if I turned up a letter like that! Looks like you're on the right track to get answers!

    1. Piper, thanks for stopping by to leave a message! Hopefully on the right track. This is one story that needs a ending!

  2. Those clues seem like not so much steppingstones across to the shore (of detailed answers), but a boat with holes in it. (to keep the analogy going). But such good clues! So close. Hopefully I'll hear about some wonderful connections you find!

    1. Celia, thanks for the response. That is why I need the Genealogy Roadshow folks! Want to make sure I don't sink. ;)