Friday, September 6, 2013

Genealogy Blogs, News & Tidbits #6

Genealogy blogs, news and tidbits for this week.


Excellent post over on Poore Boys In Gray with "Have you researched your Civil War ancestor's military regiment?"

Kenneth R Marks of The Ancestor Hunt tells us how he found a cousin using newspapers (and only newspapers).

Caroline Pointer of 4 Your Family Story started sharing genealogy things we need to know each morning.

Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems posted great information and shares the newest podcast in episode 159.

Family history bloggers mainly concentrate on telling the story of their ancestors. Julie Goucher of Anglers Rest has started a series called "The Book of Me, Written by You". Join the fun by telling your story!

Judy G. Russell of The Legal Genealogist shares important insight with "Copyright and the study group".

Thomas MacEntee enlightens us on "The Way We Worked – Of Occupations and Ancestors".

Andrew Martin of History Repeating Family Tree Blog shares amazing photographs with "Wedding Wednesday - 1929 (another visit)".

Carol Yates Wilkerson of iPentimento Genealogy and History discusses "how genealogists can spread the love of WDYTYA goodness".

Heather Wilkinson Rojo of Nutfield Genealogy writes about a 1844 sampler.

Read how family history sneaks into a vacation trip over on Ian Hadden's Family History blog.

The Ancestry Insider helps us with "plugging in photos and stories to FamilySearch Family Tree".

Learn about "Using Twitter for Genealogy" on the Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits blog.

Enjoyed reading "The Intensity of His Gaze" by Michele G. Taggert of A Southern Sleuth.

Blogs discovered this week:

Discover Genealogy

Granite in My Blood

Heirlooms Reunited

Old Bones Genealogy

Rattling Old Bones

The Stephen Sherwood Letters

News (genealogy and history world)

Check out the photographs in the article "Photographic Treasures from the Archives" on the Torontoist.

Read about the Smithsonian and ESRI using David Ramsey's maps in their new time viewer.

Book review - American Indians and the Civil War by Kurt Repanshek on the National Park Traveler.

Great points in the article "How the Library Helps You Cut Corners" by Jane Harris-Zsovan.

Book review - "Matthew Brady bio captures Civil War photographer ".


Discovered a new database - Military History Online

The End Of The Line For The Family Album?

Bernice Bennett of Research at the National Archives and Beyond shares a very interesting episode of BlogTalk Radio. Head over and listen to "Black Coral: A Daughter's Apology To Her Asian Island Mother".

Interesting article "Interview with Adolf Hitler's Pilot Donated to Wayland Baptist University Archives".

Crista Cowan of has posted an informative video on YouTube called "Discovering Your Colonial Immigrant Ancestor".

Hope you discover something new and interesting this week.

Happy adventures in genealogy!


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog post about my great great grandmother's sampler!

  2. Heather,

    You are most welcome! What a wonderful sampler. Thank YOU for sharing.

  3. Hey Deb,

    Thank you for mentioning my History Repeating blog too. Much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed the #WeddingWednesday posts.

    1. Most welcome! Wonderful blog post. Thanks for leaving a reply.