Monday, September 30, 2013

Crossing the river to ancestral discovery

Researching my husband's family line, a new discovery came to light. In the early 1700's his Van Bebber ancestors moved from Pennsylvania to Bohemia Manor, Cecil Country, Maryland.
More times than I can count we have crossed over the Bohemia River. What fun to learn centuries ago Doug's ancestors resided in that region.
Earleville, Cecil County, Maryland
Last week I located St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. This is where many generations of Van Bebber's worshiped. With map and camera in hand we visited the site.
Legend states Jacob Isaacs Van Beeber (8th great-grandfather of husband) is buried under the church. The parish office is open for research first Saturday of the month. Most certainly have to travel back to verify this tale.
This genealogy adventure proves one fact. Never know when we are walking in the footsteps of ancestors.


  1. You story reminds me of our three week visit to Dorset in England many years ago. I discovered soon after that a line of Mr Geniaus' ancestors came from there. We have since returned to track them down.

  2. Jill, how exciting! Love when genealogy serendipity happens. We have visited this are so many times not realizing it's ancestral importance. Glad you were able to return to your area and locate Mr. Geniaus' family history! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.