Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sometimes I wonder ... where would I be?

Courtesy Fireproof Magazine, Volumes 3-4, published July 1903
The Great Baltimore Fire- shaded blocks show extent of fire zone.
Friday evening I attended a #genchat session entitled ""Telling the Story: Putting Flesh on the Bones". One topic was sharing interesting tales discovered while researching.

Immediatly the Great Baltimore Fire leaped into my head. All four of my grandparents resided in Baltimore City at the time. Their ages ranging from four to six years.
After I shared this story a Twitter friend stated "that was too close for comfort!" To which I replied "makes one think about how entire lives could change in a heartbeat! If things had gone differently I might not be here!"
Depending on how the wind blew they could easily have perished. In a heartbeat the lines from these couples would have never existed. If that happened, where would I be?
The interesting twist and turns of history is why genealogy has become my passion. Researching the who, where and why of our heritage answers many questions of where we are today.
Find any stories that could have changed the course of your life? Any that did?


  1. My Great Grandmother (Anna) was German and from a small village in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She emigrated to the States in 1909 but in 1914, she traveled back to her home to visit. This was January, 1914 - World War I started in the summer of 1914. My Grandmother, Anna's Daughter, was born December 1914. If Anna had traveled 6 months later, she most likely would have been stuck by the out-break of war. Who knows what would have happened to her and I would probably not be here to write this now.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Very Interesting. "The interesting twist and turns of history" help keep me interested in genealogy. You never know what you are going to find and when you do find something, it always leads to more questions.

    Regards, Grant