Saturday, February 23, 2013

Surname Saturday ~ Is it Jerousek?

Norman Sylvester Gaphardt (great-grandfather)
and wife, Anna Jerousek (great-grandmother)

How many ways can you spell a surname? Each record I discover brings a variation of the name Jerousek. This family line has always been a bit of a mystery.

My mother was very young when many of these ancestors either passed away or relocated. The one fact she was sure of was the name originated in Bohemia.

As a youngster Mom remembers her grandmother Anna speaking this language. Most often occurring when Anna did not want the little ones to understand what she was saying!

This is Anna's birth record dated July 13, 1879 in Baltimore City, Maryland. Here we have the spelling as "Jaraushek".
A week later we find the baptism record for Anna Jerousek. In the space of seven days did the spelling change? Did an official filling out these forms use the spelling they thought was appropriate?

The census records presented a whole new adventure. Many times I was reduced to scanning page after page of Baltimore City records in search of this family. There we discovered our family with spellings such as Gerousek to Yaroushek. Each new discovery more precious than diamonds!

Upon telling this story to my husband he said, "it's a wonder you find any of these people!". Do believe he is a wee bit impressed with my genealogy detective skills.

How many ways have you found your surname spelled?

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  1. I have neighbors whose name is "Jarosek". Just a few of the spellings of my Cauble name: Cobble, Kobble, Koble, Cabbel, Cabel, Coble; Teel: Teal, Teil, Diehl; Stuart: Stewart, Steward, Stuard; Ham: Hamm, Harm, Harn. And there are more! Sometimes you have to think outside of the box and get creative, don't you? - Revis