Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday ~ "Death's Sad Doings"

Trustin Pippin
1st cousin 4x removed of husband
Greensboro Cemetery, Greensboro, Maryland
b. September 12, 1834
d. May 3, 1901
"Death's Sad Doings In Our Midst.
Mr. Pippin Killed by a Horse - Demise of Other Well-Known People"
Denton Journal
Saturday Morning, May 4, 1901
 Mr. Trustin Pippin, a prominent farmer residing at Oakland, three miles northwest of Ridgely, was found dead in a stable on his farm at five o'clock yesterday morning, with his skull and right jaw-bone crushed.
He had arisen and gone to the barn to see that the feeding of the stock had been attended to. Staying longer than usual Mrs. Pippin sent one of the hired men to call him to breakfast. As soon as the young man entered the stable he saw Mr. Pippin lying on the floor in an unconscious state, with blood flowing from a wound on his head. Thoroughly frightened, he hastily returned to the house and summoned Mrs. Pippin, who assisted in getting her husband, whom she then thought to be only stunned, to a place where restoratives could be applied.
A physician was sent for, and after an examination gave it as his opinion that the unfortunate man died instantly. When found he was lying at the heels of the first horse in the stable - a colt - and it is believed that he received the fatal blow from the animal almost immediately upon entering the stall.
Mr. Pippin was 67 years old, and was well and favorably known throughout the county, where he had always lived. He likewise had many friends in Queen Anne's and Talbot. Mrs. Pippin, who was Miss Annie E. Mason, daughter of the late Isaac Mason, of Queen Anne's county, survives, as do the following children: Mrs. Carrie Sylvester, of Milwaukee, Wis.; Mrs. Effie Patchett, of Easton; Misses Josephine and Mary Pippin, and Messrs. Charles W., James H. and Guy Pippin,of this county.
In politics the deceased was a Republican, and was the minority member of the first board of election supervisors appointed for Caroline county. He held this position for several terms, retiring during Governor Lowndes' administration.
Funeral services will be held next Tuesday, and the remains will be interred at Greensboro.

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