Sunday, January 6, 2013

St. Wenceslaus ~ Church Record Sunday

The Maryland State Archives is my favorite place for research. Since all lines of my family came to Baltimore in the early to mid 1800's this repository is a vital resource.

Over the years I have visited there as much as possible. Living over an hour away limits the number of trips. That is why I am so excited about all the online information available on their website.

Recently I discovered their special collections included church records. Mine is a diverse family when it comes to church affiliation. The faiths represented run from German Lutheran to Roman Catholic.

Several years ago I discovered my Bohemian ancestors attended St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church for many decades. Even more exciting was the archives has many of the baptism, marriage and death online free to search.

One stubborn brick wall has been the Jerousek family line. The surname itself has created major problems. I have found it spelled with so many variations. This has made finding records extremely difficult.

On my birthday I decided to give myself the day off for genealogy research. Top of list for the day was researching Jerousek family in the church database. There I found the baptism record for my great-grandmother, Anna Jerousek Gaphardt.

Anna Jerousek  ~ baptism record
July 20, 1879
daughter of ~ Francisco Jerousek & Barbara Fuka
Roman Catholic Church Archdiocese of Baltimore
Saint Wenceslaus Church Records
From this record we discovered the maiden name for my great-great-grandmother, Barbara Fuka Jerousek. Also, we confirmed that Anna's father was Frank (Francisco) Jerousek.
Since discovering this baptism record I have connected with another Jerousek family researcher on Ancestry. With this database we hope to solve our shared family heritage.
Thank you, Maryland State Archives! Loved the birthday gift.


  1. Thanks for the post Deb. I have been searing for information on my husbands Bohemian ancestors. They were ethnic German and left Bohemia in 1869 and their first child was born in Baltimore a few years before settling in the Pittsburgh area.

    I will now search the links you have posted and see what I can find.

  2. Clauda,

    Glad you could use the information in the post, Let me know if you find anything useful. Good luck!

    1. Deb , I have tried multiple times to download the marriage file for St. Wenceslaus. The file must be enormous. After 4 hours and not finishing I have given up twice. Is there something I'm missing ? It seems to be a pdf file , but since it never finishes loading I'm not sure' Thanks
      Vincent Zeman

  3. I found my grandmother's hometown (Paciv) through my father's baptismal record at St. Wenceslaus. Lots of info there. Now, the Czech Genealogical Society has the Bohemian parish records online. Sooo easy. Just like reading a book.. It is WONDERFUL!!!!