Monday, January 7, 2013

Great Baltimore Fire of 1904

Courtesy Fireproof Magazine, Volumes 3-4, published July 1903
The Great Baltimore Fire- shaded blocks show extent of fire zone.

Recently I realized all four of my grandparents resided in Baltimore City during the Great Fire of 1904. Their ages during this event ranged from four to six years.

When I was young we learned about the fire in our school books. At the time it was just an interesting historical event. Now I can not imagine the abject terror they were feeling as the city blazed several blocks from their homes.

Interesting piece of family history being we have many fire-fighters on the Wakefield side. Makes me wonder if events that occurred that day influenced them to choose that occupation.

If only I had started this research before I lost both sets of grandparents! Just imagine the first hand stories we would have as part of our family history. Get those oral histories before it is too late!
Here are several excellent resources I discovered while researching the Great Fire of 1904:

A map explaining the destruction of the fire can be found one the Enoch Pratt Free Library website. It is an interactive exhibit "which shows how the fire spread, and includes images and film footage.

Aftermath of the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 at the Enoch Pratt Free Library

To read more about the aftermath here is a link to the Baltimore Sun's coverage.

General information:

Disasters: Natural and Man-Made from Cyndi's List



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