Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Time Frame, Anyone?

click on photograph to enlarge for better viewing

Daisy Smith Judd & her dog, Toby
b. September 6, 1883 in Canada
d. December 2, 1962 in Fresno, California
wife of 1st cousin 3x removed, Orion Mathias Judd
date of photograph: unknown
location of photograph: Fresno, California

Help would be appreciated from genealogy detective friends in dating this photograph. What era would the outfit Daisy is wearing belong?


  1. I have a picture of my grandmother in a very similar outfit taken in 1936. She bought the hat new in 1934 to wear to work (per my mother).

  2. I would agree the photos are from the mid 1930s. I do have a couple blog posts on my own blog about dating photos but it's focused on a much earlier time frame. If you stop by my blog, check out the category of photo genealogy to see some tips about dating older photographs.

    Regards, Jim
    Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

  3. Jan & Jim ~

    Thank you for your input. Think you are both correct, must be mid 1930's.

    Much appreciated!