Saturday, October 6, 2012

Heritage Pie = AncestryDNA

Several weeks ago I received the results from my AncestryDNA test. You could imagine how excited I was getting the notification from Ancestry.

Sadly, opening the window on the website brought absolutely no surprises. The breakdown of countries was pretty much what was expected.

What interested me the most was the information given for each region. There Ancestry provided interesting tidbits and history for my ancestors place of birth.

Then a strange thought occurred while reviewing my DNA results. I remembered seeing a similar breakdown somewhere over the last year. Yesterday I realized why the results looked so familiar.

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun
Heritage Pie Chart

Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings hosts a fun event each week called Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. One of my favorite challenges was to create a "Heritage Pie" using the county of origin for out 16 great-great-grandparents.
I became a wee bit obsessive with that particular challenge. In a subsequent post I created a pie chart for my husband and children. This post is one of the top viewed on the blog.
 AncestryDNA Results

Now we take a look at the results for my AncestryDNA test.

See the similarities? The European heritage represented seems pretty close to the heritage pie. Also, looking at the British Isles breakdown makes me wonder if my "unknown" ancestor hailed from that area.

Having the birthplaces for most of my ancestors lead to a pretty predictable DNA result. Makes me a little envious of all those folks who found Vikings in the family line.

Being new to DNA testing for genealogy I realize this is just a small part of the big picture. Once I wrap my brain around haplogroups, mitochondria DNA and phylogenetics I will be ready to dig deeper.

Thanks to Randy Seaver for giving me a preview of my DNA with a little fun thrown in the mix.


  1. hi Deb, Great correlation!! To my inexpert eye it looks like your unknowns will be found in the UK. Have fun figuring out all the DNA subtleties...I'll be doing that soon too when my results come back.

  2. I remember doing Randy Seaver's "Heritage Pie" too, and having lots of fun creating and posting my pie chart. I guess little to no surprises means our families didn't get out and about too much...