Saturday, January 14, 2012

Follow Friday Gems - 01-13-12

 Snowy Maryland - February 2010

As you can see the Follow Friday Gems are a wee bit late this week. Sometimes life has a way of derailing the best of intentions. Might have been a Friday the 13th vibe happening yesterday.

As the old adage states better late than never. Just gives me an extra day of wonderful genealogy discoveries.

New to Twitter? Here's Some Tweeting Twips by Caroline Pointer of For Your Family Story Blog. Plenty of helpful tips and explanations for those of us beginning to tweep!

Amy Craft of Begin with 'Craft' shares information gathered while attending The 1940 Census: A Webinar from the Friends of the National Archive Southeast Region.

Nancy of My Ancestors and Me and other relatives, too shares Once a Miner, Twice a Breaker Boy - Tuesday's Tip. Great information for those with ancestors working in coal mines during the 1800's and early 1900's.

Favorite photograph this week comes from Teresa Wilson Rogers of Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places. You must check out her post Workday Wednesday - Five Butchers Cleaving?

Ruby Coleman of Genealogy Lines writes about the Kansas Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. Not to worry if you aren't researching in the state of Kansas! Ruby advices searching for other maps on the Internet.

From Diane Haddad of Genealogy Insider we learn about the grand opening of the historical mapping site called HistoryGeo.

Over at FamilySearch read Social Networking and Genealogy by James Tanner. Learn about the various ways to connect online with fellow researchers.

January's Genealogy Challenge over at the Olive Tree Genealogy Blog is to write an ancestor tribute. Here is your chance to share the stories about that special ancestor.

Using a Timeline to Visualize Your Data? Ginger R. Smith of Genealogy By Ginger's Blog shares how she has begun to use this genealogy tool in her research.

Check out the interesting photographs taken at Port Royal Cemetery over at My Grave Addiction: an underground travelogue.

Who will be the next genealogy idol? Elyse Doerflinger of Elyse's Genealogy Blog explains this first every competition being held at RootsTech. Discover how you can be part of the voting process.

Use Blogger? Carol of Reflections From the Fence shares a great tip with Let the Comments Roll. Learn all about Thread Commenting. Thanks for the great tip, Carol!

Fun read this week from Amy Coffin of The We Tree Genealogy Blog with Rejected Genealogy Conference Proposals.

Moultrie Creek Books features the book "A Viking in the Family and Other Family Tree Tales" by Keith Gregson. Sounds like an interesting read.

This week began the PBS American Experience Wild West series. The series started off featuring Billy the Kid. If you are a history buff this series is not to be missed.

Read the fascinating article The Queen's life in postcards. The FT Weekend Magazine in Great Britain shares a "postcard biography, from birth to Coronation".

The free webinar Cool Tools for Publishing with presenter Lisa Alzo will be held Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 8:00 p.m. central. Head on over and register.

The following geneabloggers are celebrating their blogiversary. Drop in and offer your congratulations.


Who Will Tell Their Story?

New blogs discovered this week:

Last night GeneaBlogger Radio presented Information Overload: Finding the Genealogy Data You Need. You can listen to the archived show at any time!

Happy Follow Friday!


  1. Thanks Deb for the shoutout and link to Reflections.

    1. Carol,

      You are most welcome! Thanks for bringing to our attention this wonderful way to interact with people leaving comments!

  2. Hi Deb, I am always late with my Friday posts, so no worries there! You highlighted some really interesting posts, so I'm going to check them out. Thanks for mentioning my post on the timeline as well. I hope your readers find it useful. Have a great day!

    1. Ginger,

      Thanks for the lovely comments. Really enjoyed the timeline post. Have to use them more in my research.

  3. Thanks Deb for the mention! And you're not late. You were just waiting to make sure you got all the posts. LOL!


    1. Caroline,

      You are most welcome. Excellent info! You are correct, wanted to get every last drop of the good stuff!

  4. I always find something useful and interesting on your Friday Gems - so keep it up! I love getting lost in someone's fascinating blog!

    1. Celia,

      So glad to have you follow along! Getting lost in genealogy is always the best way to end the week.

  5. Never mind bemoaning that lateness--in your case, it definitely applies: better late than never! Your Follow Friday always has a great lineup. I look forward to seeing what this "Friday's" offerings include, especially the social networking and Twitter posts you recommended. Now that I have my iPad, I'm seriously considering making the big leap into the Tweet world...

  6. Jacqi,

    Thanks for the lovely comments! Glad you found useful information on the gems. Looking forward to seeing you over on Twitter.

  7. The winter photo is really beautiful! The links are great finds. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Most welcome! Glad you like the picture. It was taken during a blizzard. One of my favorite memories.

  8. Thank you for highlighting my post, Deb. I appreciate it.

    1. Nancy,

      You are very welcome! Love reading the history surrounding our ancestors. Great post!

  9. Thanks for the mention of Android Genealogy - it's sent some readers my way.