Monday, January 2, 2012

Discovery at Maryland Law Library

Last week I wrote about attending my son's ceremony to become a lawyer in the great state of Maryland.

Justin had encouraged me to spend time in the Maryland State Law Library before we headed to the circuit court chambers. I am still walking on air that he realized how important family research has become to my life.

I made several great discoveries in the forty minutes spent browsing the library shelves. The following obituary by far the most significant.

(I have separated into paragraphs for easier reading)

"CR    June 17, 1899 Green, Elizabeth, widow of the late Nathan Green, died at her residence on Tilghman avenue, Centreville, last Sunday night.

She was a native of Delaware and was the daughter of the late Jesse and Hester Montague.

On February 10, 1852 she married the late Nathan Green, who resided near Centreville, having removed to this county about thirty four years ago. She was sixty eight years of age.

The following children survive her: Misses Mary and Louie Green, Mr. Wm. P. Green, Mrs. Joseph Dawson, Mrs. A. M. Keating, Mrs. C. P. Walters, of Centreville, and Mrs. Jacob Ellwanger, of Wilmington, DE. Burial in Centreville cemetery.

CR Aug. 5, 1899 Will of Elizabeth Green. Provisions are as follows: To Charlotte Dawson, wife of Joseph G. Dawson, $100, to Wm. P Green $100,  to Fannie O. Ellwanger, wife of Jacob Ellwanger, of Wilmington, DE, $100, to Nattie B. Walters, wife of C.P. Walters, $100, to Lizzie T. Keating, wife of A.M. Keating, $100, to Miss Mary H. Green and Miss S. Louisa Green in equal shares in fee, the lot with the buildings, thereon situated on Tilghman avenue, Centreville."

To begin with the relationship of Elizabeth Montague Green to my husband is a little complicated.

Her father, Jesse, was my husband's 3rd great-grand uncle on his Montague side. Her husband, Nathan, was my husband's 2nd great grand-uncle on the Green family side. All just a wee bit confusing. I guess you could say Elizabeth was a double cousin.

The details provided for Elizabeth have led to many new discoveries for this family line. We have her birth, marriage and death dates. We know where she resided for most of her life. Additionally, we find the names of her children and their respective spouses.

We even have the exact street where she resided during her marriage. As I write this post we are planning a trip to Centreville, Maryland to find Tilgham Avenue.

I am once again reminded of how important it is to connect with others in the community. The Maryland Law Library is a repository I would never have visited if not for joining a genealogy discussion group.

And of course this record being discovered thanks to my son, Justin.


  1. That gets a Reflections big WAAAHOOOO!

  2. A wonderful discovery, Congrats!

  3. Wow! How neat! and so much info packed in that little obit!
    It is something how our info can come to us through unlikely sources.
    Good luck in your continued research.

  4. OOH, all that info in one tiny little piece. All those new names to investigate! How fun! Enjoy Centreville.

  5. What a wonderful discovery! Very exciting. I need some of your genealogical luck!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful comments! I'm still amazed at the amount of info in this one obit!