Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent Calendar 2011 - Christmas Cookies

When I was a child my mother made a cookie called Chocolate Walnut Balls. During the 1960's you could find this recipe on the Hershey Cocoa can. These yummy treats were by far a family favorite.

I still remember walking into the house to the wonderful aroma of chocolate. In the kitchen you would find Dad waiting impatiently for the first batch to come out of the oven. Many times snatching a cookie off the tray before they had time to cool.

Sadly the recipe did not survive for future generations. My sisters and I have search the Internet for years trying to reclaim this childhood memory.

We corresponded with the Hershey Company to ask if the recipe was in their archives. To date we have not heard back from their representative. Anyone with this recipe would we love to hear from you!

Another memory surrounding cookies would be these lovely gingerbread houses. Our son was in the second grade and his teacher thought they would be a lovely surprise for parents.

Arriving to the holiday open house we discovered each child standing next to their creation with a huge smile on their face. No matter if they were perfect or lopsided all the parents exclaimed they were masterpieces!

Recently I have started participating in cookie exchanges. This has been a great way to experience new recipes. Here are several sites with recipes and ideas for your own event.

Happy baking!

[Note: This is an updated edition of the post which originally ran during the 2010 Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories]

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  1. Hey Deb, I found this on - I hope it's close:,1813,156183-250207,00.html

    The recipes from the Hershey can are the best. My mom's excellent fudge recipe, which is legendary in the family, came from the Hershey's can!

    Happy baking!

  2. Deb, you might also check w/the blogger at Dying for Chocolate. She posts all kinds of old recipes. She might have just what you're looking for!

  3. Thanks for the cookie links. I always make just two kinds, but now I'm up to trying more.

  4. Jenny & Leslie- thanks for the possible leads. Discovered several that are very close! Going to give them a try.

    Barbara-You are welcome. Happy baking!