Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day - Dad & the Scottish Family

Today we celebrate Veterans Day.

My father served in the United States Navy during the Korean War.

We have very few stories of this period in Dad's life as he rarely talked about the time-frame.

The reason might have been that he was extremely young when enlisting, barely eighteen years old.

Dad never shared stories of battles, hardships and the danger he may have faced while serving his country. Whenever he would talk about this period he would relate stories of enchanted lands.

During the course of his enlistment he spent time in Paris, Hawaii and Saudi Arabia. One of his fondest memories was while visiting Scotland.

Dad told of how he and several buddies were spending time in a village pub one evening. They had yet to find a place to stay for the night and were chatting with the locals.

After sharing a couple of pints of beer a gentleman asked if they wanted to come home with him. He said his family had space if they wished to stay while in the town.

Dad and his fellow sailors were very surprised by this offer, but accepted without hesitation. They gathered up their sea bags and followed this friendly fellow out the door.

Not until they crossed the threshold did it occur to the sailors the lady of the house might not agree with the plan.

They need not have worried. She was extremely welcoming and was ready to feed the hungry group. Not only did they feed and shelter the Americans they treated them as if they were family.

The father acted as tour guide giving them a view of Scotland only a native could offer. Dad would smile broadly when talking of breathtaking vistas and rolling hills.

On this Veteran's Day my thoughts are of Dad and the story of a Scottish family. I know he dealt with many difficulties while serving his country, but it is comforting to know about this bright spot.

How I wish we could personally thank them for being so kind to a young man far from home.

Happy Veterans Day to all who have and are serving. We are extremely grateful.


  1. A wonderful tribute! Thanks for sharing one of your father's experiences!

  2. What an experience! How wonderful that a family treated them so kindly. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Thanks all for the kind words! This is indeed one of my fonder memories of my Dad. He talked very little about the past so this is one of the only treasures.

  4. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing and Happy Veterans Day!