Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Green Mount Immigrants

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Baltimore has always been a city of immigrants. Diversity being a large part of her charm from the founding in 1729 to the present.

My ancestors arrived during the late to mid 1880's from Germany, England, Russia, Bohemia and Poland. Many of these relatives are buried in historical cemeteries around the city.

One cemetery being Green Mount Cemetery one of the earliest garden cemeteries in the United States. The cemetery was officially dedicated on July 13, 1839. Many of Baltimore's earliest immigrant are buried within the walls. Many being her first leaders and philanthropists.

Several years ago a co-worker and I took the Green Mount Cemetery guided tour. If you ever get the opportunity, this cemetery is a must visit.

born January 23, 1802
Bremen, Germany
Director of

born 1782
London, England
North America

Junius Brutus Booth
born May 01, 1796
London, England
Baron Hartmann-Ernst v'Schlotheim
born September 21, 1884
Anklam, Germany
born August 21, 1882
Baltimore, Maryland

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