Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Surprise Connection - Hello, Cousin!

Dr. Comfort Starr & his wife, Elizabeth
Boston, Massachusetts

Last week I wrote about my husband, Doug's ancestor James Starr. During the course of research I discovered James was a member of the Sons of Liberty and participated in the Boston Tea Party.

Throughout the week there were many comments offering congratulations on this incredible find. That is one of my favorite things about genealogy. It is incredible to see how excited fellow researchers become about each others good fortune.

The most interesting comment came from fellow geneablogger Heather Wilkinson Rojo of Nutfield Genealogy.

Not long after discovering my husband's New England roots I found Heather's blog on the GeneaBloggers website. From her site I have learned much about the history and customs of the region.

I am grateful when Heather comments on one of my posts as her responses are thoughtful and informative. Reading what she had to say about James Starr literally had my mouth fall open. Seems Heather and my husband have common ancestors!

After calming down somewhat I mapped out the exact relationship.

1. Comfort Starr - b. Jul. 06, 1589 - Eng. - d. Jan. 02, 1659 - Mass.
    wife - Elizabeth - b. 1595 - Eng. - d. Jun. 25, 1658 - Mass.
    (Doug's 9th great-grandparents)

     a. Thomas Starr - b. Dec. 31, 1615 - Eng.- d. Nov. 26 1658 - Mass.
         wife - Rachel Harris - b. 1618 - Mass. - d. 1600 - N.Y.
         (Doug's 8th great-grandparents)

     b. John Starr b. Oct. 25, 1626 - Eng. d. Oct 30, 1711 - Mass.
         wife- Martha Bunker b. Apr. 15, 1627 -Eng. - d. Apr. 1703 - Mass.
         (Doug's 8th great-grand-uncle & great-grand-aunt)

           1.Comfort Starr - b. 1662 - Mass. - d. Jan. 09, 1729 - Mass. -
              (Doug's 1st cousin 9x removed)
              wife- Mary Stone - b. Jan 06, 1664- Mass. - d. Apr. 20, 1735 - Mass.
              (Heather's 1st cousin many x removed)

How fun to discover a favorite genealogist related by marriage to my husband! This is the exact reason to blog your family history. Many times you feel as if nobody out there is reading. Than out of the blue you have a wonderful discovery resulting in a connection.

Hello, cousin-in-law Heather!


  1. That's fantastic! And, what a great person to have it! :) Wonderful discover!

  2. How absolutely wonderful and exciting! I'm very excited for both of your finds! That certainly doesn't happen every day!

  3. Wow you guys have some really old ancestry! Very impressive.

  4. That was fun, wasn't it Deb? I always enjoy finding cousins online. Your Starr cousin in the Boston Tea Party is one of the most interesting I've run across!

  5. Wow, amazing! Congrats to both of you!

  6. Deb, I wonder of your ancestor and mine knew each other, at least they were buried in the same cemetery. See my post from the summer:

  7. Congrats on the great find and ona new cousin connection!

  8. "After calming down somewhat," indeed! What a fantastic find! I'm so happy for both of you and your cooperative work to make that discovery.

  9. Wow. Y'all go way back. LOL. Congrats on both the find and new cousin. It really is a small world.


  10. Your husband Doug and I share Dr. Comfort Starr as our 9th Great Grandfather. My kids are the 13th generation here in the 'colonies'. We call them Team Thirteen. I hope you have found the books written about the Starr Family. They are fun reading, and the Harvard and Pilgrim connections are great stories.

  11. Edward

    Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving a comment. It has indeed been an adventure researching the Starr family line.

    In fact our daughter, Starr is expecting next year and will be using Starr as a middle name if they have a girl. Family tradition!

    Love the "Team Thirteen"! How fun.
    Would love to hear from you to figure out your acutal connection to Doug.


  12. Deb, I'm not a genealogy blogger, but I am a blogger. Just wanted to let you know that I also descend from Dr. Starr through his son John and through his son Comfort and wife Mary Stone. A friend and fellow blogger from England who visited us here in the states went to the church in England where the Stone Family Association erected two memorial windows to the Stone brothers who emigrated to Massachusetts. She got pictures for me and blogged about it. If you get a chance, follow the bread trail to my blog, and then click on my sidebar to go to Lindsay's blog, "The Cross Stitch House," and you can look up the post. I think you will enjoy seeing the memorial to the brothers from which your husband and I descend.

    I keep thinking I need to start a genealogy blog, and I might at some point.

    I hope you see this message!


    Sheila :-)

    1. Sheila, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Always love meeting another of my husband's cousins! I tried to follow the link you suggested but the blog is by invitation only. Not sure how to get an invite!?

      You must start a genealogy blog! Be warned, very addictive.

      Hope to chat more in the future.


    2. I'm also a descendant of Dr. Comfort Starr via his son Thomas. I spend hours checking out all the fantastic info there is out there on this family (which is how I found your blog!). A big Hello from Canada!

    3. Jaclyn,

      Why hello there, my hubby's cousin! So glad you found the blog! Seems that Comfort Starr has quite the line of descendants all over the world. Just think, before I started this genealogy adventure my husband had no idea of his lineage. Maybe we should start a Comfort Starr ancestors blog? Could be fun & educational.

      Take care up there in Canada!