Saturday, November 5, 2011

Surname Saturday - Wakefield in Both Trees!

Researching my husband's family line this morning something interesting occurred. That is when I found his 8th great-grandmother, Mary Wakefield.

Oh dear, that is my mother's maiden name!

The Wakefield line has been one of our most persistent brick walls thus far. This photograph of my great-grandfather, Charles Wakefield is the oldest in our possession.

Most of what is known about his father, Henry has been family lore.

Many stories surround this ancestor. Some say he came to this country around the Civil War. Yet others believe the family resided here for many generations.

Thus far I have not been able to find documentation about this elusive ancestor. In fact almost all information conflicts with other details.

Even when discovering Charles Wakefield's death certificate we came to a dead-end. The information listed for his father was the dreaded "unknown".

In the course of researching several years ago I discovered the New England Wakefield family. There are some who believe we are linked to this line. Unable to find concrete documentation I had discontinued searching.

Imagine how surprised I was this morning to discover my husband is connected to this family. Our children are double Wakefields!

Now I really want to know if our Henry is a New England Wakefield. What a hoot to be distantly related to my husband.


  1. If it turns out you are distantly related to your husband you will be in royal company. Remember, the Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine Middleton) is distantly related to her new husband, Britian's Prince William!

  2. Too funny, Jenny! Think there may be a few royal Wakefield's, so you never know.