Sunday, November 6, 2011

SNGF - The YouTube Channel

I know, it is not Saturday night. Life was so busy yesterday by evening these tired eyes just wanted a rest.

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge this week from Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings:

1) Visit the YouTube Channel (which has 98 videos now).

Done. Did not realize how many videos were available. Need to set aside time each week to watch.

2) Watch one of these four videos: LIVE: Search with Ancestry Anne with Anne Mitchell LIVE: One Question with the Barefoot Genealogist with Crista Cowan LIVE: Lorraine's 5 Tips for Online Grave Digging with Lorraine Bourne LIVE: How do I use newspapers on to find out more about my ancestors? with Crista Cowan

I watched Lorraine's 5 Tips for Online Grave Digging with Lorraine Bourne. What else would someone who friends refer to as "Debbie Digs Dead People" select?

From the video I discovered several previously unknown resources.

African-American Cemeteries Online
Small Town Newspapers.

Lorraine shared great pointers for searching obituary and burial records. She reminded us when contacting funeral homes be very patient. We must remember they are running a business and may not answer our requests immediately.

Also, remember the public library is a great resource for obituaries. As a library employee this made me very happy. People forget local newspapers are sometimes micro-filmed and housed in library collections.

3) Go up to the YouTube search field and enter "genealogy" and your surname in the search field. What results do you get? Are there any videos of interest on that list, even if they're not about your surname? Did you watch one of the videos?

I entered "genealogy" and "wakefield" in the YouTube search box. There were four selections in the hit list. The first match was for a site selling "name meaning" plaques. The most interesting was a woman living in Wakefield, England. She discusses her past-life regression into four previous lives. Maybe I should contact her to communicate with long dead ancestors.

4) In the YouTube search field, enter "genealogy" and the name of one of your favorite genealogists. What results do you get? Did you watch one of the videos? 

I entered "genealogy" and "lisa louise cooke" in the YouTube search box. I have attended several webinars by Lisa. The were 66 videos listed. I watched Genealogy Gems Lisa Louise Cooke on establishing roots in the social media. Lisa discusses her podcasts and connecting to other family researchers.

Adding "genealogy gems" to the search brings us up to 87 hits. Included are interviews with various genealogy "rock stars". I watched the one with our very own Randy Seaver.

5) Tell us about it in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or in a status line in Facebook, a Twitter tweet, or a stream item on Google Plus.


Thanks to Randy for making genealogy fun!

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