Thursday, November 3, 2011

Great Western Adventure - The Arch

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Five years ago my husband and I set out on the "great western adventure". In the space of four weeks we traveled across the country visiting landmarks, cemeteries and viewed amazing landscapes.

One landmark that captured my imagination was the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

Of course I have seen photographs of this magnificent structure, but never had the privilege to stand at the base gazing upwards.

The beauty of the arch against changing skies was mesmerizing. We spent many hours capturing perfect memories.

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  1. I go to St. Louis quite a bit for veteran research and only live hours away. But since my childhood, I have found this structure captivating. Secretly, I think us Kansas Citians are a bit jealous of the Arch. Thanks for highlighting this Midwest wonder. By the way at it houses the Jefferson National Westward Expansion Memorial. Although weak in the role of American Indian, Buffalo Soldiers and African Americans, the memorial does share a great part of our history.