Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Foone & The Farmington Freedom Trail

A stop along the Freedom Trail Sites in Farmington, Connecticut is Riverside Cemetery. Thirty-six Amistad survivors resided in Farmington while raising funds to return home.

One of these men was Foone, who drowned in the Farmington Canal Basin. There were many questions surrounding the incident. Was this an accident or suicide


A native African who was drowned while bathing in the Center Basin Aug, 1841. He was one of the Company of Slaves under Cinque on board the Schooner Amistad who asserted their rights and took possession of the Vessel after having put the Captain, Mate, and others
to death, sparing their Masters, Ruez and Montez.

Additional information about the Amistad and the Connecticut Freedom Trail.

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