Sunday, October 2, 2011

Always Pays to Ask!

Daniel G. Platt, 2nd cousin 5x removed
his wife - Almira Hitchcock Platt
Judea Cemetery

This morning upon checking my email I received a genealogy gift!

It all began yesterday morning while researching my husband's Platt family line. Searching the Find-A-Grave database I discovered several memorials and headstones for these ancestors.

I requested photographs for those missing documentation and sent a prayer to the genealogy gods that someone would come along to claim them. Next I sent an email to the gentlemen with rights to the existing Platt photographs asking permission to use them in our family tree.

You can just imagine my amazement when I received an answer from three genealogy angels! Not only have they offered to get photographs, but they had graciously transferred existing memorials to my account. In total there were well over fifty records.

Now I can enter pertinent information, add family links and obituaries. This act of genealogy kindness will aid with our research and anyone else searching the database.

Additionally one of these angels offered help in locating Platt family history.

Moral of the story? It always pays to ask for information or help from a fellow historian! You never know when you will receive a genealogy gift.

Special thanks to Steve, James and Erick. Also, to the folks from Find-A-Grave for making this discovery possible.


  1. Deb, How exciting and now you have a lot of information to keep you busy a long time. Congrats to you and blessings to all volunteers.

  2. Good for you! How much fun to receive so much valuable information!And a tip for the rest of us!
    Enjoy your work!
    Cindy (Genealogy Circle)

  3. So glad you are going to be busy with all the new information. Exciting!!