Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Celebrate Family History

Judd family - July 08, 1916- California

Yesterday I read the post by Diane Haddad of Genealogy Insider called Family History Month Deal & Giveaway! Diane reminds us October is Family History Month.

Being new to genealogy research I had no idea this month was set aside to honor family history. After reading the post I started thinking about ways to celebrate.

Searching online there were several wonderful websites, articles and blog posts.

Melissa Mannon of ArchivesINFO offers ideas with her post Clever Ways to Share Your Memories. Melissa tells about creative ways to preserve family history discovered when attending a neighborhood potluck.

My favorite being to write an annual letter to your children. Each letter marks the changes occurring and documents important events. Sure wish I had known about this when my children were young! I will be passing this idea along to my daughter-in-law for our granddaughter.

Kimberly Powell of About.com Genealogy shares 10 Ways to Celebrate Family History Month. Here you will find a range of activities such as starting a family website, recording family stories and creating cookbooks.

World Vital Records offers Celebrate Family History Month. One great take away from the list is encourage children to write a journal. Our daughter spent many a night lying on her bed documenting her day. Into her teens she continued to commit thought to paper. Don't think I ever want to read some of those entries!

Check out Preserving Your Family History on the Parents' Choice website. Listed are books, websites and resources to engage youngsters to explore their family history.

Additional websites with ideas to celebrate Family History Month:

10 Fun Family History Activities for Family Reunions - About.com Genealogy

Family History Activites - GenaSearch

Family History Activites for Youth: It's a Family Affair! - FamilySearch

Family Tree and other Family Crafts - Enchanted Learning

US GenWeb Kidz

Are you preparing for Family History Month?


  1. What a great post! Thanks for collecting all these great Family History Month opportunities and resources. My coauthor and I have also been blogging about Family History Month at http://downsizingthehome.wordpress.com I'll be sure to mention your blog to our readers this week.

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