Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Genealogy & Photography

Sunday I attended Scanfest hosted by Miriam of AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors. What is Scanfest? Miriam describes it as the following:

"It's a time when geneabloggers, family historians, and family archivists meet online here at this blog to chat while they scan their precious family documents and photos. Why? Because, quite honestly, scanning is time-consuming and boring."

Scanfest is a great opportunity to connect with fellow researchers. To make new friends from around the world as you preserve family documents. Attendees this weekend hailed from Hawaii, Maryland, New England, Minnesota, Washington state, England, New York, North Carolina, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Canada, and Wales.

During the session conversation ranged from weather to choosing the best cameras for genealogy. Daniel Dillman of Indiana Dillmans answered many questions about photography. In fact he wrote several great articles on the subject. To learn more read Tech Tuesday - Digitizing With Cameras, Part I, and Part II, and Technology Tuesday - Scanners.

Researching the topic of photography and genealogy I located several helpful resources.

Digital Cameras and Genealogy

GeneForum on Genealogy.com has a photography forum.

How to Scan Genealogy Photos for Archiving from ProGenealogists

Photography and Genealogy by Andrew J. Morris

Photos, Scrapbooking, & Family Memorabilia from About.com Genealogy

Scanners and Scanning by Halvor Moorshead, Editor of Family Chronicle Magazine

Using Digital Photography for Genealogy from Ancestor.com

Thanks to Miriam for providing a place to learn and bond. Thanks to Daniel for sharing his expertise! Hope to see you at the next Scanfest on Sunday, August 28, 2011 from 11 AM to 2 PM, PDT.


  1. I had been waiting for this scanfest and had hopes to attend as in the past but a long sought visit with my daughter and grandkids took precedence! I was glad that I could at least pop in and say hi and later read over all that was said. I always get such great tips and, of course, a lot of laughs from this fun group!

  2. And Oodles of fune - we have oodles of fun at Scanfest. Daniel Dillman may be the wise and powerful Oz when it comes to cameras but I am the only one who can teach you the best way to scan body parts! LOL

  3. Thanks for doing the research and sharing these sites with us.

  4. Lisa- Hope to see you next month!
    Maybe have some stories about gators.

    Sheri-Too funny! Some very interesting observations about airport scanning along with our photo scans. You keep things lively! Looking forward to next Scanfest!

    Nancy-you are most welcome! Love to learn something new each day. Keeps the old brain cranking along.