Monday, August 1, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Serendipity

Comfort Starr House - Guilford, Connecticut

This weekend there was an amazing response to the post SNGF - Signs You Have GOCD. The number of genealogists with this strange malady seems to be staggering! One thing for certain no support group is necessary since none want a cure.

Reading the comments yesterday one in particular caught my attention. A fellow blogger wrote the photograph of the Comfort Starr House drew her attention immediately. She "gasped" and said "Comfort Starr was my ancestor!"

She then proceeded to look up the exact relation to discover he was her 7th great-grandfather. Here is where we have another instance of genealogy serendipity! Comfort Starr was my husband's 9th great-grandfather. How fun to hear from one of my husband's distant cousins!

Thanks to Randy Seaver and Michael John Neill for providing an entertaining evening and family discovery. Keep blogging friends, never know where lighting will strike!


  1. I guess you could say I'm from England, but my most recent English immigrant ancestor arrived on these shores in 1818! I'm a Yankee with a Texas accent. I was born in Massachusetts, but have lived in Texas for 48 of my 52 years.

    Genealogical serendipity is ALWAYS fun. :-)

  2. Went to your blog and thought you were residing in merry old England! Another genealogical serendipity - my sister lives in Texas! Great to run into a "relative" by way of blog!

  3. I WISH I were residing in merry old England! Someday, maybe, after I win the lottery.

    Great to meet a new cousin-in-law!

  4. Right back at you new cousin-in-law! Have to compare notes one day. That Starr family is very interesting.

  5. I agree about the Starr family. What an interesting bunch! I especially like the names of Thomas Starr's (1530-1595) children. Names like Jehosaphat, Suretrust, Standwell, Joyfull, Beloved, Constante, Moregifte, Truth Shall Prevayle, and Nostrength (who I assume died soon after birth). Makes "Comfort" seem like an ordinary name.

  6. Dr. Comfort is my 10h GGF! Hi, everyone!