Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Ideal Season of Who Do You Think You Are?

Susan Peterson of Long Lost Relatives asks the following:

Imagine, just for a moment, that you are the producer of the hit NBC television series, Who Do You Think You Are? What celebrities would you like to see on your perfect season of the show? And why would you choose them?

Here we go!

*Sir Thomas John Woodward aka Tom Jones - What can I say? I would love to know the ancestry behind someone who caused women to shower him with undergarments? Do rakes and rascals run through his family tree? Thinking It's Not Unusual!

*Jada Pinkett Smith - One of Baltimore's (my hometown) favorite daughters made her debut on the show A Different World. Went on to a successful acting career and marriage to the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air". Jada's heritage is very diverse consisting of African-American, Portuguese-Jewish, West Indian, and Creole. I would imagine there are many interesting stories lurking in her family tree. Also, it would be a treat to spend an hour with this elegant young woman.

*Steven Victor Tallarico aka Steven Tyler. - I wonder if there is an Italian opera singer waiting for discovery in his background. That might be where Steven inherited those amazing pipes and flair for the dramatic.

*Maya Angelou - Need I say more?

*Cher - I imagine there is a fascinating background to this multi-talented woman. Cher is of Armenian, Cherokee, English, and French decent. Also, little known fact she suffered from undiagnosed dyslexia as a child. It would be interesting to learn if any of Cher's ancestors dealt with learning disabilities. If I Could Turn Back Time Cher would be one of my top picks! Sorry, couldn't help myself.

*Clint Eastwood - I have to admit Clint is my favorite tough guy. In several biographies I read of his Scottish ancestry. With my links to Scotland I would love to discover more about this heritage.

*Stephenie Meyer - Who wouldn't want to explore the background of a Mormon girl writing vampire stories?

*Tina Turner - What an absolute treat to learn about the ancestry of "The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll". Tina is known for her amazing talent and ability to overcome great adversity. I would love to know where that fierce drive originated. Also, how wonderful to hear Tina sing at least one song.

And there is my perfect season of Who Do You Think You Are? Who would you choose?

Thanks to Susan for the fun fantasy!


  1. Deb, You have an interesting list here. I would like to comment that Tina Turner's family ancestry was a part of African American Lives 2 - the PBS series. I was fortunate to work on that project and am still thrilled with the prospect. Thanks for sharing your ideal list.

  2. Mark,

    Thanks for stopping by to read the post.

    So sorry I missed the Tina Turner episode! Just went online and can't find the entire show. Will keep looking since Tina is one of my all time favorites! Don't know how I missed this in the first place.

    How lucky to work on such an incredible project!

  3. Very eclectic and diverse selections! I'm really enjoying reading everyone's choices. Glad you are having fun with this idea!