Saturday, August 27, 2011

Let's Get Locked In

In several posts I have written about the genealogy discussion group at our local public library. After a recent meeting several of the members were chatting. During the conversation the idea for a genealogy lock-in surfaced.

On first blush it seemed like a crazy idea, but the following week something occurred causing us to revisit the possibility. I happened to read an article about a library out west having such an event. After sharing the link with our librarian she emailed back stating we are being locked-in!

The following links are from various libraries who have schedule genealogy lock-ins for their patrons.

Kalamazoo Public Library, Michigan

Longview Public Library, Texas

Massillon Public Library, Ohio

W. Dale Clark Library, Omaha, Nebraska

Plans are in motion for our inaugural event in late October. What a blast to spend the evening with fellow researchers. Want to be locked-in? Have any great ideas?


  1. I have always wished that our local library (the main branch, that is) would have a lock-in. I believe the Plano Library in Texas does this and it sounds like so much fun. Have a great time!

  2. Yes, we have one or two of these each year at our local historical library. I've never been though but it sounds like a lot of fun!