Friday, August 19, 2011

Follow Friday Gems - 08-19-11

photograph taken in historic St. Michaels, Maryland

Hope you are enjoying the last of those lazy, hazy days of summer. Fall is just around the corner, and to tell you the truth cooler temperatures are much anticipated!

Here are the weeks blogging discoveries. Come and follow!

Julie Cahill Tarr of GenWriter gives us 4 Resources for Writing Your Family History.

How strong is your Password Security? Get the skinny from Transylvanian Dutch: Genealogy and Family History.

Mindie Burgoyne of The Travel Hag shares a book review with Book Lust to Go - Best Books for Armchair Travel.

My sister resides in the great state of Texas. She takes every opportunity to tell us Marylanders that her newly adopted state is So amazing! Reading Sentimental Sunday...The Hero Made Sure His Grandsons Were Texans by Hummer of Branching Out Through The Years made my day! That is one determined Texan!

Cynthia Shenette of Heritage Zen shares a wonderful photograph of Grandma in a Tree - Wordless Wednesday. Well dressed women with lovely hats hanging out in a tree. Who would not be intrigued? Would love to know the background story!

The Texicanwife of Mountain Genealogists shares her aunt's account of events with Thriller Thursday - Grandpa's Car Accident. Almost had to close my eyes as the story unfolded!

The American Ancestors shares an article by Maureen A. Taylor aka the Photo Detective detailing how Every Picture Tells a Story. Great advice on identifying those old family photographs.

Kathleen Brandt of a3Genealogy gives us Female Ancestors - A Different Perspective.

Janet Randolph of Dying for Chocolate mixes a childhood favorite and yummy recipe with Mary Poppins in the Kitchen: Zodiac Chocolate Cake.

Calling all Civil War buffs! Read the historical post from Erick Mink of Mysteries and Conundrums called Gettysburg battlefield photographer visits Spotsylvania County - 1887.

Congratulations to Gale Wall of Digital Cemetery Walk! Gale had her Photos Published in a newspaper article!

With her moving post The Hungarian language & the "poetry" of my childhood Lisa of 100 Years in America shares the "soundtrack" of her childhood.

Did you know today is World Photography Day? In honor of the event the Family Curator has The Past is Present Photo Challenge.

With Lots of Help from My Friends - the Grieser Birth Record Randy Seaver of Gena-Musings tells how several family historians helped him in find a town in Germany.

Test your knowledge with A Genealogy Quiz from Heather H. Doherty of "Good to Know". What was your score?

The following geneabloggers are celebrating a blogiversary. Stop by to offer congratulations.

Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Ian Hadden's Family History

Images Past

A Worthington Weblog

Blog discoveries from the week:

Cindy Freed's Genealogy Circle

The Last Leaf On This Branch

On The Trail Of Hillhouse

Tune in tonight over at GeneaBloggers Radio for Oh Give Me a Home - Genealogy and the Homestead Act.

Happy Follow Friday!


  1. Deb,
    Thank you for the shout out! I appreciate it! I really like your blog and Adventures in Genealogy sums it up doesn't it?
    I checked your surnames. We don't have any in common. Darn!
    I'll check back often to see what you're up to.
    Thanks again!
    Genealogy Circle

  2. You are most welcome, Cindy! So glad to have discovered your blog. Shame we aren't related! ;-) Looking forward to getting to know another fellow genealogy blogger.

  3. Hi Deb - I once again want to thank you for the shout out about my photo. I appreciate it!