Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cast up by the Sea

click on image for better viewing

Last year I wrote a post called Amanuensis Monday - 1909 Postcard : Long Beach, California. There I shared the story of our "genealogy angel" Steve sending photographs, letters, and postcards. This card was just one of the many items he graciously donated to our family archives.

Recently organizing various papers the postcard again came to light. That is when I decided to search online to discover possible information about the card.

After some research I found several sites with details about James J. Taylor, the artist, and his sculptures.

Cliff House Project : Sand Sculptures, 1911

Ocean Beach Sand Sculpture : Sand Artistry, 1909

Sure makes our sandcastles look slightly lame!


  1. These are incredible! What would we do without others to contribute to our research.

  2. That is a very interesting picture...Your finds are great.