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Sunday's Obituary - William Martin Steffy

In Honor of
Serg William M. Steffy
Born June 26, 1874
Died Aug. 18, 1898
1st cousin 2x removed of husband

Article from the Gettysburg Compiler, August 23, 1898


The Bar of Adams County is called upon to mourn the loss it has sustained in the early death of its youngest member in age and admission, William Martin Steffy, Esq., whilst in the military service of his country, at Camp Thomas, Chickamauga National Park, Georgia, on the 18th day of August, 1898, as a sergeant of Co. M, 5th Reg't. Penna. Vols.

He was born in Littlestown, Adams county, on the 26th day of June, A.D. 1874 ; received his collegiate education at Loyola College, Baltimore ; was registered in the office of Wm. McSherry, Jr., Esq., as a student of the law on the 13th day of December. A.D. 1893 ; and was admitted to practice in the Courts of Adams county, on the 23rd day of August, A.D. 1897.

The Judges of the Courts, his fellow members of the Bar and the officers of the several Courts of Adams county unite most cordially in this memorial to the fidelity to duty, which was the distinguishing feature of the life and character of Mr. Steffy.

It was manifested most evidently in the office of his preceptor, between whom and this student there flowed the affection like to that of father and son;

It characterized his office work, in promptness, diligence, thoroughness and efficiency;

It shone in his devotion to his religious duties, in his professional conduct toward the Court and his clients, and was leading him to a successful and honorable career at the Bar.

His bearing and demeanor in public and private life were marked by gentleness and courtesy, and his character of purity and uprightness was known and read of all.

As a son and brother, he was innocent and affectionate ; as a student, lawyer, citizen and soldier, he discharged his duties with unswerving faithfulness and whole heartedness.

He has brought peculiar honor to the Bar of Adams County, by presenting his fresh unspotted young life as a free-will offering upon the altar of his country. Stirred up with high hopes he was a brave man and worthy patriot, dear to God, and his memory will be perpetually cherished.

RESOLVED, That a committee representing the Judges, members of the Bar and officers of the Court will attend his funeral, and that the foregoing minutes be presented to the Courts of Adams County, with the request that the same be transcribed and entered at large upon the records of the Courts and that out of respect to his memory, the Court will be asked to adjourn ; and that copies be sent to his parents and furnished to the papers for publication.

Wm. McClean,
G. J. Benner,
S. S. Neely,
J. L. Williams,
Wm. Hersh,
Attest - S. McC.Swope, P.J.

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