Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rev. C.W. Ruth and the Camp Meeting

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For much of his life my husband's grandfather, Christian Wismer Ruth, was an evangelist for the Holiness Christian Church and The Church of the Nazarene.

In his biography C.W. Ruth states the following:

"I traveled more than one hundred and fifty thousand miles filling my engagements, and have labored in thirty-three states and Canada, among twenty-five different denominations".

Recently I discovered this photograph of C.W. Ruth taken in Oregon on Wesly Center Online. They have graciously granted me permission to use various records with the caveat of not-for-profit purposes. Christian is seated down front to the right, looking very dapper if I might say.

Over the years we heard stories of Christian visiting camp meetings as guest speaker. How exciting to have visual verification for our family records!

Here are several resources discovered while researching C.W. Ruth and camp meetings:

1889 Camp Meeting Sermons: Sermons by Ellen G. White, Alonzo T. Jones and others as printed in the Topeka, "Kansas Daily Capital" Newspaper May 7-28, 1889, published 1998

Camp Meetings and Circuit Riders: Did You Know? by Timothy K. Beougher from Christian History Today Library

Camp Meeting - Encyclopaedia Britannica

The illustrated History of Methodism by James Wideman Lee, Naphtali Luccock (bp.), James Main Dixon, published 1900

Using these resources and the photograph we have been able to bring to life a major part of our ancestors history.

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  1. Very cool. I always love the pictures you post on here. How cool there is a Biography on him that you can read.